Experience of being followed or surveilled is “very well-known among some opposition politicians and activists”

Commenting on the recent major blowout, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Secretary General of the Reform Party (RP), and independent journalist Kirsten Han highlighted their experiences of being followed or surveilled, which are “well-known among some opposition politicians and activists.” As of today, the circumstances surrounding the filming of the video featuring Mr Perera and Ms Seah remain unknown, including when, where, and who filmed it. The video was reported by local media as being leaked on Facebook by a fake profile named “Victoria Wang,” however the post had only tens of shares when the news first broke, hardly enough to be considered viral.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam: Singaporeans Need to Take a Long Hard Look Under That Carpet

In a compelling opinion piece, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Secretary General of the Reform Party, delves into the pressing questions surrounding the resignations of Tan Chuan-Jin, the former Speaker of Parliament, and PAP MP Cheng Li Hui. He probes into the timing and implications of their affairs and calls for an immediate GE and reforms to address the flaws in the current political system.

POFMA Correction Directions issued to Kenneth Jeyaretnam and online publication Jom over posts on ministerial rental of Ridout Road properties

Singapore’s Ministry of Law dispenses POFMA correction directions to Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam, Mr Thamil Selvan, and Jom, a weekly publication, refuting alleged irregularities in ministers’ bungalow rentals.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam allegedly faced harassment at Yishun Chong Pang Market visit

Reform Party Secretary General, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, alleges harassment during a visit to Yishun Chong Pang Market, claiming unidentified individuals persistently filmed and followed him, in an apparent attempt at intimidation.

Jeyaretnam questions Tharman’s eligibility for presidency, citing father’s rejection and Tharman’s past conviction

Reform Party Secretary General, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, questions Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s eligibility for presidency, scrutinising his political history and previous conviction. Mr Jeyaretnam raises concerns about potential conflict of interest given Mr Tharman’s former role as Finance Minister and his alleged lack of commitment to checks and balances. He further criticizes the People’s Action Party’s disregard for conventional checks and balances in the context of Tharman’s candidacy.

Questioning Accountability: Kenneth Jeyaretnam seeks clarity on Ho Ching’s role in Temasek’s FTX investment

In light of the announcement by Temasek that it had cut the compensation of its senior management and the investment team responsible for the disastrous FTX deal, the Reform Party’s Secretary-General, Kenneth Jeyaretnam, questioned the due diligence process led by former CEO Ho Ching. He asked whether any part of her compensation was clawed back and emphasized the public’s right to know details of her remuneration. Temasek had made the FTX investment across two rounds from October 2021 to January 2022, partly during Ho’s tenure.

Calls for Commission of Inquiry into Singapore Land Authority property rentals to ministers from opposition leaders

Kenneth Jeyaretnam and Lim Tean are calling for a Commission of Inquiry (COI) to probe the rental of state-owned properties to Cabinet Ministers Shanmugam and Balakrishnan, raising concerns about conflicts of interest, transparency, rental valuation, property maintenance, and ecological impact.

Kenneth Jeyaretnam slams PAP’s “fake solidarity” in May Day speech

Reform Party Secretary-General, Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam launched a scathing critique of Singapore’s ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) and its leaders, particularly Mr Lawrence Wong, accusing them of feigning concern for ordinary Singaporeans while undermining their interests. In a passionate opinion piece, Jeyaretnam highlighted income disparities, questioned housing arrangements, allegations of nepotism, and called out the lack of transparency. Urging citizens to scrutinize the PAP’s claims of unity, Jeyaretnam emphasized the need to examine Singapore’s reserves and question who truly benefits from their management.

Reform Party’s Kenneth Jeyaretnam criticizes PAP’s eugenicist policies and surplus extraction from Singaporeans

Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s blog post on Tuesday (28 Feb), titled “PAP’s Eugenicist Policies…

Kenneth Jeyaratnam criticizes Singapore’s politicians’ use of media control

In a scathing commentary on his blog, Kenneth Jeyaratnam, Secretary General of…