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Malaysian’s abolition of death penalty and the argument against it being a deterrence to crime

Back in mid October 2018, Malaysia’s de-facto Law Minister Liew Vui Keong had announced that the newly elected Malaysian government planned to abolish the death penalty which was currently employed by its legal system as punishment for severe crimes such as murder, illegal firearms possessions, drug trafficking etc. With that one rather controversial statement, the issue of death penalty was …

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Thinking about a trip to Hong Kong?

Thinking about a trip to Hong Kong? Then you have to be wary of the counterfeit notes that might be currently circulating the economy. Just recently, 2 Hong Kong banks found 5 counterfeit 1000-dollar notes (2003 edition) (SGD$164), triggering much alarm amongst the banks in Hong Kong. Banks immediately started to disallow the acceptance of the 1000-dollar notes. Some shops …

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