Hong Kong man jailed for replacing national anthem with protest song

A Hong Kong man received a three-month prison sentence for replacing China’s national anthem with a protest song in a sports video. The government sought a ban on the protest anthem.

Hong Kong questions families of wanted activists: police source

Hong Kong national security police detained four people, including Dennis Kwok’s brother, accused of breaching national security. Eight fugitives with bounties on their heads face similar charges.

Markets mostly rise on rate hopes but China fears weigh

Markets rose as global interest rate hikes subdued inflation, allowing central banks to adopt a softer monetary policy. Investors hoped for Beijing’s support amid weak data, while Wall Street’s strong earnings were tempered by Netflix and Tesla reports. Cautious optimism persisted, given the receding risk of recession but lingering concerns over China’s economy.

Beijing appoints Hong Kong national security commissioner

Beijing has appointed Dong Jingwei as Hong Kong’s commissioner of national security, overseeing Chinese security agents in the city under the national security law. The position had been vacant since January. The move comes as Hong Kong plans to create a law focused on espionage.

Thousands evacuated as typhoon nears southern China, Vietnam

Tens of thousands of people were evacuated in southern China and Vietnam as Typhoon Talim approached, with powerful winds, storm surges, and heavy rains predicted to hit the coastal areas.

Australia fears China’s latest Pacific deal could stoke tensions

Australia has expressed concerns over China’s policing pact with Solomon Islands, urging transparency and stating that it threatens to escalate tensions in the South Pacific. China’s increasing influence in the region has raised alarm among Western powers.

Hong Kong questions family of wanted activist Nathan Law: police source

Hong Kong questions Nathan Law’s family members, days after a bounty was issued for him and other activists accused of breaching national security laws.

Hong Kong jails first person under cannabidiol ban

A 32-year-old woman was jailed in Hong Kong for bringing CBD into the city, the first conviction under the recent ban. Possessing or consuming CBD can lead to up to seven years in jail and hefty fines. Hong Kong officials argue that CBD can be converted into the illegal compound THC. Despite the ban, CBD remains popular globally and is expected to be a US$47 billion industry by 2028.

Australia to support activists threatened by Hong Kong

Australia expresses concern over Hong Kong bounties on activists, vows support for those residing in Australia.

UK offering ‘protection to fugitives’ after bounty put on Hong Kong activists

China accuses UK of protecting fugitives; UK defends stance against China’s interference in Hong Kong’s affairs.