Report: Close friend of Widjaja takes the witness stand

David had trouble with FYP project and was irregular for church. Xue Jianyue.

Family suspects interference in David’s case

Is the family still in denial? Jakarta Post.

Scene reconstruction: David Widjaja’s last moments

Two forensic experts explain blood stains. Khairulanwar & Jonathan Koh report.

David Widjaja’s death

I was not informed by police that a karate master or any…

Indonesians to protest in support of David Widjaja

A group of protesters, calling themselves a team for the care of…

“Team is confident that David’s death was not due to suicide…”

Indonesian team says David Widjaja sustained “36 gaping wounds, of which 14 were from stab wounds.”

TOC Exclusive: Widjaja family visit Prof Chan’s condo

Family hopes to find out more details of alleged stabbing and son’s death.