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Damanhuri Bin Abas departs from Muhammadiyah Islamic College amid speculations of political influences

Former Singapore Democratic Party candidate, Damanhuri Bin Abas, abruptly exited his Director position at Muhammadiyah Islamic College (MIC) two months post his rejoining, following retirement from active politics. In his Facebook posts, Damanhur lauds his colleagues, maintaining political roles alongside professional positions, without conflict. His own recent MIC departure, amid speculations of political interference, ironically raises questions about the practice of political neutrality in Singapore's professional landscape.

Red Dot United calls for greater transparency and accountability over ministers’ residency controversy

Red Dot United (RDU) has called for transparency over the controversy surrounding the rental and residency of two People's Action Party ministers in Ridout Road. It expressed concerns over the lack of accountability, potential conflicts of interest, and the disparity between the ministers' lifestyles and everyday Singaporeans amidst challenging economic times.

Fossil fuelled: Climate talks begin with spotlight on oil chief

The upcoming UN climate negotiations will scrutinize the future of fossil fuels, with an Emirati oil chief, Sultan al-Jaber, at the forefront. As pressure mounts for ambitious plans to combat climate change, al-Jaber's appointment as head of COP28 has faced criticism from campaigners urging him to step aside. While al-Jaber advocates for renewable energy development, he also emphasizes carbon capture technologies and the role of fossil fuels in the energy transition. The discussions aim to address the urgency of transitioning away from fossil fuels while assessing progress in reducing carbon emissions.

Crazy rich politicians in Singapore — Is the PAP being jinxed by “the big...

Is the current 4G PAP-led government being jinxed by some very bad karma, asks Joseph Nathan.

Hong Kong police detain more than 20 on Tiananmen anniversary

Hong Kong police detained over 20 people, including pro-democracy activists, for attempting to commemorate the Tiananmen Square crackdown. Beijing's national security law imposed in 2020 banned the annual vigil, leading to charges against organizers. Meanwhile, in Taiwan, hundreds gathered at Taipei's Liberty Square to mourn and chant slogans in support of Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, police searched and detained individuals found with candles, a symbol of the banned vigil. Despite the crackdown, defiant acts, such as candle giveaways and displays of archival material, persisted. Worldwide, candlelit vigils were held, and protesters reenacted the crackdown in London.

Vivian and Shanmugam had differences but became neighbours at Ridout bungalows eventually

In a historical debate from 1990, now-Ministers Balakrishnan and Shanmugam clashed over the government's questioning of Singaporean loyalty. While Balakrishnan challenged the government's approach, Shanmugam defended it as an attempt to face hard realities. Despite this contentious past, both men later found common ground in the People’s Action Party and even neighbours now.

Elected presidency: Is there anything quite like it anywhere else?

Opinion piece: As the presidential election looms, we confront a system that sets the bar high for candidacy, perhaps compromising our democracy. Despite a largely ceremonial role, the President's authority in key areas renders this election critical. Should we continue to accept 'walkover' elections and seemingly hand-picked candidates, we risk degrading our 'elected presidency' to a mere 'nominated presidency,' a shift that threatens to undermine the fundamental principles of our society.

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