‘Victory day’: Cambodia heir leads final rally ahead of one-sided election

Cambodian leader Hun Sen’s son and chosen successor, Hun Manet, held a final rally ahead of the one-sided elections. Critics condemn the lack of credible opposition, ensuring a majority win for the ruling party. Supporters back Hun Manet’s leadership, but analysts doubt significant changes under his rule.

APHR issues open letter expressing deep concern over deteriorating human rights and democracy in Cambodia

ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR) urges global parliaments to condemn Cambodia’s escalating human rights crisis and erosion of democracy. APHR appeals for action to deny legitimacy to the upcoming July elections, citing they serve as a tool for Hun Sen’s regime to consolidate power.

Hun Sen Facebook page reactivated days before Cambodia polls

Cambodian leader Hun Sen’s Facebook page reactivated before a controversial election after threats to ban the platform. The page, with 14 million followers, will be managed by an official.

Succession plan: Cambodia PM’s favoured son on path to power

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s dynastic succession plans raise concerns about democracy, resembling North Korea, and stifling reform.

Cambodia’s tiny opposition fighting for democracy in one-sided vote

The Grassroots Democratic Party in Cambodia faces an uphill battle in the one-sided election against the ruling Cambodian People’s Party, widely seen as a sham. Other opposition parties have been sidelined or co-opted by the ruling party. Critics argue that Cambodia is becoming a one-party state under Prime Minister Hun Sen’s long-standing rule.

Cambodia approves law barring non-voters from running for office

Cambodia’s parliament passed a law prohibiting those who don’t vote from running for office in future elections, affecting exiled opposition members.

UN Human Rights Chief calls on Cambodian government to protect free and fair elections

UN Human Rights Chief Volker Türk expressed concern over the curtailing of civil liberties in Cambodia ahead of general elections, urging the government to protect a conducive environment for a free and fair election process.

Cambodia orders border search for Vietnam shooting suspects

Cambodian PM Hun Sen labels the recent gun attacks in Vietnam as “terrorist attacks” and orders armed forces to search border villages for suspects, while warning against offering them assistance. Vietnamese authorities have arrested 46 people so far.

Chinese couple charged with murder of South Korean influencer

A Chinese couple running a medical clinic in Cambodia has been charged with murder after a South Korean influencer’s body was found. The couple claimed she died during treatment.

Cambodian union leader Chhim Sithar and labour defenders’ verdict condemned by FORUM-ASIA

FORUM-ASIA condemns the conviction of Cambodian union leader Chhim Sithar and eight fellow unionists, asserting that the charges are a misuse of the criminal justice system to silence labour rights advocates. The organization demands immediate action from the Cambodian government, including Sithar’s release and upholding fundamental civic freedoms.