SELANGOR, MALAYSIA — A woman who was believed to be a foreign domestic worker, allegedly chained by her employer, was rescued by the public at Taman Tenaga, Kajang last Sunday (21 May).

According to Harian Metro, an unidentified resident of Taman Tenaga reported that the incident took place around 9 p.m. when he went to a nearby grocery store in the residential area.

“The shopkeeper then informed me that he heard a woman’s screams coming from the nearby flat area before I hurried towards it.”

“We then followed the sound of the screams, which led us to a house on the second floor of the mentioned flat.”

“Since the house was locked, we contacted the police to conduct an investigation.”

“The police then forcefully entered the house and discovered a woman who was chained and appeared weak in the bathroom,” he explained.

A TikTok user, who appears to be one of the residents, shared a video clip online, lasting approximately one and a half minutes, showing the moment when the maid was rescued by residents and the police.

In the caption, he wrote, “Our mission as residents of Taman Tenaga, Kajang: to rescue a sister who was chained inside her own home,” and included the hashtag #domesticviolence.

In the comment section of the clip, the TikToker explained that one of the neighbors heard a desperate plea for help while passing by the unit. This neighbor immediately alerted other residents in the flat.

Meanwhile, Selangor Police Chief Datuk Hussein Omar Khan confirmed the case when contacted.

“In this case, we managed to rescue an Indonesian woman who worked as a domestic worker and was chained by a local couple in the said house.

“The victim was chained in the bathroom by the couple, as they suspected her of stealing jewelry,” he said.

However, according to him, the case is being investigated under Section 342 of the Penal Code for wrongful confinement.

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