“We are not wealthy”, Akka Nasi Lemak shares her true daily struggles despite her newfound fame

“We are not wealthy”, Akka Nasi Lemak shares her true daily struggles despite her newfound fame

MALAYSIA — Sangeetha, better known by her nickname “Akka Nasi Lemak” (“Nasi Lemak Sister”), has garnered significant attention and popularity in recent months.

She is the proud owner and operator of a nasi lemak stall located in Seri Kembangan, Malaysia. Not only locals but also some foreigners have become aware of her establishment and are willing to wait for hours just to get a taste of her delicious nasi lemak.

The term “akka” is a Tamil word that conveys respect and is often used as an honorable address for an elder sister in Malaysia.

However, despite her newfound fame, Sangeetha’s journey has not been without its challenges.

In an emotional video shared on her official TikTok account, Akka, speaking in Tamil, bravely revealed the realities of her life and expressed that it is not as glamorous as it may appear.

She warmly invited viewers to visit her modestly furnished rental house.


Akka clarifies misconceptions and highlights her daily struggles

In response to netizens’ claims that Akka is now living a lavish life due to her thriving nasi lemak business, she took the opportunity to address these allegations.

The netizens alleged that Akka no longer belongs to the B40 group as her business has been generating substantial earnings, and some even accused her for being greedy for taking government assistance from governmental agencies.

The B40 group refers to the Bottom 40% income classification in Malaysia, which includes households with a monthly income ranging from less than RM2500 (approximately 550 USD) to RM 4849 (1,077.78 USD).

However, in a heartfelt video, Akka shared the reality of her situation and refuted the claims of a luxurious lifestyle.

She revealed that she and her family are still struggling to make ends meet, emphasizing that they are far from being affluent.

“We are not wealthy; we are still fighting for survival… I implore you not to judge us.”

“You can visit my rental house and take a look at the place. My house isn’t furnished, we don’t have a couch, and there are so many things that we can’t afford to buy.”

Akka shared that her entire family sleeps together in the same room on a single mattress, further illustrating their financial hardships.

Health concerns arise as Akka’s busy schedule leaves no time for meals

As Akka’s nasi lemak business continues to flourish, many netizens have expressed concerns about her well-being, considering her increasingly hectic lifestyle.

“People often comment on how much weight I have lost and how thin I look.”

Akka Sangeetha revealed that she barely has time to eat due to her demanding schedule.

“The car reeks with the smell of chicken and prawn. I can’t afford to pay someone to wash my car, so I have to do it myself.”

Furthermore, Akka Sangeetha expressed her hope that the public would show greater understanding of her situation and refrain from hurling insults at her and her family members on social media.

“I’m willing to spend five minutes with anyone who wants to know my family’s predicament,” she added.

Netizens rally with encouraging messages for Akka Sangeetha

In a heartwarming response, netizens flooded the comment section with words of encouragement, urging Akka Sangeetha to remain strong and disregard the hateful comments.

Many netizens advised Akka to ignore the negativity and continue her diligent efforts to earn a living.

One netizen commented, “There’s nothing wrong if she decides to buy a new house or a new car. It’s the result of her hard work and a well-deserved blessing.”

Akka moved into a rental house after being forced to leave the place where she previously resided

Thiban Subramaniam, Special Officer for the Malaysian Ministry of Economy, revealed that MITRA, a division under the Prime Minister’s Office (JPM), recently offered support to Akka Nasi Lemak due to her ongoing need.

Addressing the allegations that Akka is earning a significant amount and not part of the B40 group, Thiban expressed how the negative comments from these netizens deeply affected Akka’s emotional state.

“The fact is she is B40 and still struggling although she started to earn decent amounts since the business went viral. She is still paying her debts from the money she earned. ”

Thiban further disclosed that Akka recently had to move into a rental house after being compelled to leave the place where she previously resided.

“MITRA assessed her situation and promptly offered her the necessary help,” emphasized Thiban.

“For me, she was at the edge of success, MITRA gave her timely assistance before she could fall. The others who applied also should be given. I spoke to her earlier, and she is strong now. Business as usual tomorrow onwards.”


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