MALAYSIA — The kindness and generosity of everyday Malaysians deeply touched the heart of an Australian tourist, bringing him to tears.

A couple from Australia, John and Jay, shared their wonderful experience of traveling on the intercity train from Kelantan to Pahang in Malaysia through a video blog.

Known as “Bucket List Travellers” on YouTube, they recently uploaded a video on 7 May, documenting their journey along the east coast of Malaysia, specifically taking the KTM intercity train from Kota Bahru, Kelantan, to Kuala Lipis, Pahang.

They spent a total of approximately RM14 (around 3 USD) on their train tickets.

Throughout the day, they marveled at the beautiful scenery along the “jungle train” route and visited various attractions, including Kuala Krai, Dabong, and Gua Musang.

They were highly impressed by the cleanliness and maintenance of the train, as well as the convenience of the online ticketing service.

Impressive scenery along the trip, plus the kindness of local folks

However, what left the biggest impression on them was the kindness they encountered during their journey.

They mentioned how a group of curious students approached them to practice their English, and another passenger generously offered them fish cakes.

“People just came up to us, we started talking and having a conversation. And before you know it, we’ve been given food, which is really nice,” they shared.

They also commended the friendly and helpful nature of the train staff.

When Kay asked John about his feelings regarding the trip, he became overwhelmed with emotion, expressing how Malaysian people have continuously surprised and humbled them, leading him to tears.

“People are so, so lovely, welcoming you with open arms and giving you a lot of food… It’s the Malaysian love language,” he tearfully explained.

Kay, equally impressed by the train travel experience, regarded it as “one of our best train journeys in the world. ”

Despite extensively traveling by train in Europe and the US, they found the Malaysia train trip to be the most affordable and valuable experience they have encountered.

“Passengers are just so lovely. Everyone was coming up to us, saying hello, and giving us food, which is so kind and generous,” she highly recommended taking a train trip in Malaysia.

Other tourists share their memorable experiences exploring Malaysia

Other Youtube users also left comments on John and Kay’s vlog, sharing their own sweet and unforgettable memories of traveling in Malaysia.

One netizen commented that unless someone has personally experienced Malaysia, they will never truly understand the emotions involved:

Another tourist shared the same sentiment, stating that some tourists may only consider Malaysia as a transit destination without fully appreciating its world-class tourism products. However, the reality is that Malaysia offers exceptional tourism experiences.

Malaysian netizens expressed their gratitude to the couple and felt deeply honored by their appreciation of the country.

A netizen commented that Malaysians are often shy but friendly. They expressed that when foreigners take the initiative to engage in conversation, Malaysians feel honored and happy.

Readers can watch the full video here:


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