Langkawi’s young brothers drove off parent’s car on joyride to toy shop

Langkawi’s young brothers drove off parent’s car on joyride to toy shop

MALAYSIA— In Langkawi, a six-year-old boy and his three-year-old sibling took their parent’s Toyota Vios for a joyride to buy a toy car.

The older child was allegedly in control of the steering wheel, while the younger child stepped on the accelerator.

Despite having driven for over 2.5 km, they did not manage to make it to the shop. Instead, they crashed into a lamp post on the side of the road.

Thankfully, the young siblings were safe after the incident. While the elder brother sustained a cut to his chin, the younger boy remained unharmed.

However, the family’s Toyota Vios was significantly damaged at the front.

Several videos of the incident circulated on social media, likely recorded by other road users who spotted the suspicious vehicle driving recklessly on the road.

In one video, a driver even chased down the vehicle, assuming the driver was drunk.

However, when the men approached the car after the crash, they were shocked to find the boys behind the wheel. “Where is the driver?” the men asked in disbelief.

Another video showed the boys, both dressed in red shirts, sitting inside the car. The older boy said, “We are going to the shop. Mama is at home,” while his younger brother added, “We want to buy a black (toy) car.”

Police took statement from the boy’s parents

Assistant Commissioner Shariman Ashari, the District Police Chief of Langkawi, said the incident happened at Jalan Bukit Tangga, Simpang Kenyum, near Kampung Titi Chanwang at 11.15 pm on Tuesday (9 May).

“The accident is believed to have occurred when a car from the direction of Kampung Ulu Melaka heading to Kampung Nyiur Chabang ran over and hit a lamp post near Kampung Titi Chanwang.”

The police have taken statements from the boys’ parents. The father is a 28-year-old grocery store trader, while the mother is a 22-year-old housewife.

According to Sinar Harian, the mother informed the police that she was with her two children in the living room of their house before the incident.

Later, she went into the bathroom for a shower and realized that her children were missing upon leaving.

After a thorough search of the entire house, the woman woke up her husband, who was sleeping in the bedroom, informing him that their children were missing.

Elder brother climbed chair to grab his parent’s car key

When he went to take the car keys hanging on the wall, he found that the keys were missing, and their car was not in front of the house.

The six-year-old elder brother admitted to climbing onto a chair, taking the car keys hanging on the wall, and driving the car to a toy shop.

The police continue their investigation under Section 43 of the Road Transport Act 1987 and under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001.

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