Singaporean 12-year-old boy allegedly takes bus on joyride for five hours

Singaporean 12-year-old boy allegedly takes bus on joyride for five hours

SINGAPORE — In a bizarre incident that left Singaporeans in shock, a 12-year-old boy allegedly took a private bus belonging to operator A&S Transit for a joyride that lasted for about five hours in the early hours of the morning.

The incident occurred on Wednesday (12 Apr) and covered a distance of about 100km across Tampines, Bedok, Pasir Ris, and Punggol.

The incident was reposted by an Instagram account, claiming that the boy entered the bus with a white chair and bicycle and trespassed onto two buses under A&S Transit parked at Tampines Avenue 9.

He then allegedly stole one of them and attempted to drive it away.

CCTV cameras nearby captured his actions, and eyewitnesses informed the bus operator, who called the police.

The boy reportedly crashed the vehicle, inflicting serious damage on it, before abandoning it in a bay before officers managed to catch up with him.

In another post, the kids allegedly drove over 100km and used up quarters of the diesel of the bus:

A post of an A&S Transit bus, allegedly involved in the incident, having sustained severe damage has been circulating on Facebook:

No injury reported

In the attached picture, the wreckage inflicted on the bus is visible.

There are cracks all over its windshield, with one of the doors and rearview mirror having a crooked angle to them.

The Singapore police confirmed the incident and said they were alerted to a case of theft of motor vehicle along Tampines Avenue 10 on Wednesday, at 12:04 pm. A boy is assisting with investigations in relation to the case.

Investigations are ongoing, and fortunately, there was no mention of injuries.

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