Mother in postpartum period found dead with knife in neck in Malaysian village

Mother in postpartum period found dead with knife in neck in Malaysian village

KELANTAN, MALAYSIA — A mother who was still in her postpartum period was found dead with a knife lodged in her neck in her room in Kampung Beris, Panchor, on Wednesday (12 Apr).

The 35-year-old victim, who was a homemaker, left four children with the youngest being 36 days old.

According to Malaysian media Astro Awani, the incident was discovered by the victim’s younger brother, Wan Muhamad Nasir Wan Mahadi, after he climbed and saw the woman in her locked room.

The victim was found covered in blood with the knife still embedded in her neck at around 6 pm.

“I took a ladder and saw blood. I broke the door. Her child was outside with his grandmother. I immediately contacted the ambulance,” Wan Muhamad said.

Wan Muhamad said he himself removed the 16-centimetre knife that was embedded in his sister’s neck before contacting the Beris Health Clinic.

The victim’s mother, Zuraizah Mat, 58, said that her daughter who previously lived in Kedah.

Before the incident, the victim was in the living room, had handed her 36-day-old baby to her mother to be taken care of for a moment, saying that she wanted to talk on the phone with her husband who was in Kedah.

Zuraizah said the victim then entered the room. Worrying about the victim, she then asked her youngest child to check on the victim who was in the room using a ladder.

She added that before the incident, the victim had often complained about a stomach pain. She went to the hospital for treatment on that morning of the incident.

“She looked stressed since she came back (from the hospital),” Zuraizah said.

Superintendent Mohamad Ismail Jamaluddin, Bachok District Police Chief, confirmed the incident and further investigations are ongoing.

The victim was sent to the Forensic Unit of the Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital, Kota Bharu for a post-mortem examination.

“The case is classified as sudden death. Those who have family members suffering from emotional stress are advised to get help from experts to prevent unwanted incidents from happening,” he said.

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