Japan to scrap virus tests on arrival from China

Japan to scrap virus tests on arrival from China

TOKYO, JAPAN — Japan will stop testing travellers arriving from mainland China for the coronavirus, the government said Monday, ending a COVID policy previously slammed as “discriminatory” by Beijing.

From Wednesday, arrivals from China will have to show proof of vaccination or a negative result obtained before departure — “just the same as all the other travellers and returnees”, a government statement said.

The decision brings to an end a spat over COVID border measures which began in January.

Then, more than a dozen countries imposed new travel rules as infections surged in China, which had just relaxed its strict zero-COVID policies.

In a tit-for-tat move, China suspended issuing short-term visas to Japanese citizens, with the Chinese foreign ministry hitting out against “discriminatory practices”.

It resumed issuing visas to Japanese citizens in late January, but Japan kept its testing-on-arrival requirement for China.

Chinese tourists made up around a third of all visitors to Japan before the pandemic.

Last week, Britain also said travellers flying in from China would no longer need proof of a negative test from 5 April.


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