SINGAPORE — Six Singaporeans, aged between 23 and 30, have been arrested for suspected drug offences by Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officers during two anti-drug operations on Monday (20 Mar).

According to a press statement by CNB issued on Wednesday, a total of about 437g of ‘Ice’, 1,322g of heroin, 5 ‘Ecstasy’ tablets, and 18 tablets suspected to contain controlled drugs were seized, with an estimated street value of $158,500.

CNB revealed that the seizure of 437g of ‘Ice’ could feed the addiction of about 250 abusers for a week, while the seizure of 1,322g of heroin could feed the addiction of about 630 abusers for a week.

In the first operation, the police recovered items believed to be controlled drugs from a van during a police enforcement operation in the vicinity of Kaki Bukit Ave 3.

The driver of the van fled the scene after crashing into a lamp post while attempting to evade the police. About 997g of heroin was recovered from the van.

Following this, CNB launched an operation to arrest the driver of the van. In the evening of 20 March, CNB officers arrested the suspected driver, a 28-year-old man, for drug trafficking in a residential unit located in the vicinity of Bedok North Road.

A baby at the arrest scene placed in the safe custody of a next-of-kin

A 26-year-old pregnant woman was also arrested in the unit for drug consumption. About 137g of ‘Ice’, 87g of heroin, and various drug paraphernalia were seized from the unit.

The woman’s nine-month-old baby was also present in the unit, but appropriate arrangements were made to ensure the welfare of the baby, who was subsequently placed in the safe custody of a next-of-kin.

In the second operation, CNB officers raided a different residential unit in the vicinity of Bedok North Road and arrested three men, aged 23, 25, and 30, and a 28-year-old woman for suspected drug trafficking offences.

CNB officer injured preventing suspect from falling during escape attempt

During the raid, the 25-year-old man climbed out the bedroom window of the ninth-floor flat to evade arrest.

A CNB officer held on to the man who continued to put up a struggle and lost his footing.

With the help of other officers, the man was pulled back to safety through the window and placed under arrest.

The CNB officer sustained deep lacerations to his right hand while preventing the suspect from falling and was conveyed to the hospital for medical treatment.

“Drug abuse affects not only the individual, but the families and our community at large. In one of the operations on 20 March, a suspected drug offender had total disregard of his own safety and that of others while attempting to evade arrest.”

SUPT William Tan, Senior Assistant Director of Intelligence Operations, said the moment turned into a life and death situation when one of the CNB’s officer, who was arresting the suspect, had to hold on to the suspect when the latter lost his footing.

“Our officers have to make split second decisions during operations, even placing themselves in great danger to ensure the safe arrest of suspects, ” he added.

Death penalty if found guilty of trafficking more than 15g of pure heroin (diamorphine) or 250g of methamphetamine

“Under Section 5 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1973, it is an offence for a person, on his or her own behalf, or on behalf of any other person, whether or not that other person is in Singapore, to traffic in a controlled drug, offer to traffic in a controlled drug; or to do or offer to do any act preparatory to or for the purpose of trafficking in a controlled drug. ”

CNB reminded that if a person is found guilty of trafficking more than 15g of pure heroin (diamorphine) or 250g of methamphetamine, he or she may face the mandatory death penalty.

Investigations into the drug activities of all arrested suspects are ongoing.

A 25-year-old Singaporean man scaling out of a bedroom window of a ninth-floor residential unit in a bid to evade arrest, during an anti-drug operation in the vicinity of Bedok North Road on 20 March 2023. The man was eventually brought back to safety and placed under arrest. (Photo: CNB)
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