A 21-year-old woman died while creating suicide content at her home in Leuwiliang District, Bogor Regency (Source: Leuwiliang Police).

BOGOR, INDONESIA — A 21-year-old woman passed away by hanging in her rented residence located in Leuwiliang, Bogor Regency, located in West Java (Jabar), while creating content via video call with her friends.

According to Kompol Agus Supriyanto, the Leuwiliang Police Chief, the woman was engaged in a video call with her friends in the evening of Wednesday (1 March) when she expressed her desire to pretend to hang herself.

According to local media, a café worker was on a video call with her friends as she positioned a chair under the doorframe in her room.

She then said to her friends, “I am going live (on her social media),” as she climbed onto the chair and then wrapped a piece of cloth around her neck. Regrettably, she lost her balance and tumbled down with the rope entangled around her neck.

The victim’s friends who were on the video call, rushed to the victim’s residence. However, upon arrival, they discovered that the victim, who resided alone, had already passed away.

As soon as the victim’s friends became aware of the incident, they promptly notified the police. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and subsequently transferred the victim to Leuwilian Hospital for medical attention to undergo a post-mortem examination.

After a thorough investigation, the officers discovered the only evidence of rope binding around the victim’s neck and confirmed that there were no signs of physical harm on the victim’s body.

The coroner’s findings also confirmed that the cause of death was suicide by hanging.

Following the completion of the necessary procedures, the victim’s remains were released to the family to be laid to rest. The family issued a statement, emphasizing that the incident was purely an accidental occurrence.

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