Malaysian child actress fell victim to a nasty prank on set, now unable to walk

Malaysian child actress fell victim to a nasty prank on set, now unable to walk

MALAYSIA — Many people have been praying for the speedy recovery of 12-year-old child actress Puteri Rafasya, who was involved in an accident on a filming set in Selangor last month.

The incident occurred on 22 February when a child, who should not have been present at the filming location and was intending to play, inadvertently pulled a chair, causing the accident.

This caused the child actress’ hip bone to crack as her body was pinned by a metal tripod leg.

The effect was significant as Puteri had to endure the suffering of being unable to sit or walk without the help of her family due to the cracked hip bone.

Her condition worsened to the point where she had to be admitted to the pediatric ward and is currently experiencing nerve problems.

Before this, Puteri starred in several popular dramas, including Rindu Awak Separuh Nyawa, 7 Hari Mencintaiku 2, Villa Ghazara, Amar dan Opie, as well as the film Seratus and Telaga Suriram.

An Instagram post on 10 March revealed that Puteri had to be rushed to Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) by ambulance at 3 am and was placed in the yellow zone due to uncontrolled urination and numbness in her legs.

She was later transferred to Hospital Tunku Azizah (HTA) after an examination by a specialist.

In a recent post, Puteri was seen lying in a sick bed, and the admin requested continuous prayers from her fans, family, friends, and acquaintances.

“May Allah alleviate Puteri Rafasya’s pain and replace it with complete healing. Amin.”

Despite Puteri’s condition being quite severe, her family has not received any assistance or decision from the relevant party, which is causing her mother, Fatin Aliza Salmi, to feel stressed and disappointed.

“Now, Puteri has problems with her bladder and her legs are numb. When her legs are numb, the situation is quite worrying. ”

She told Malaysia media Harian Metro that she is especially bothered by the hands-off attitude of the child’s family involved in the accident.

“According to medical reports, Puteri is estimated to be able to walk by now. But, not only can she not walk, she cannot even stand, ” Ms Fatin lamented.

“So, when the situation is seen to be getting worse, I feel very stressed and disappointed. Until today, we have not received any assistance or decision from the relevant party. I wonder if they need to be so hands-off,” she said.

According to her, the Malaysian Artists Association (Seniman) has contacted her to arrange a meeting with the production team and the wrongdoer’s family to discuss this matter.

The mother is also monitoring further developments, and if there is still no follow-up action, she will launch a donation campaign to facilitate her daughter’s medical expenses.

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