Online seller robbed and attacked in broad daylight at Puteri Harbour, two suspects arrested

Online seller robbed and attacked in broad daylight at Puteri Harbour, two suspects arrested

JOHOR, MALAYSIA — An online seller suffered injuries to his head and hands after being robbed by three parang-wielding men in broad daylight at an apartment in Puteri Harbour, near Iskandar Puteri.

The robbery was caught on camera, and the video has since gone viral on various social media platforms.

In the two-minute-and-17-second clip, the victim’s pickup truck was blocked by two cars, and he was attacked by the suspects, who forcefully opened the vehicle’s doors and started to slash him.

The victim attempted to escape but knocked into the car blocking him. He then rear-ended the car behind him and crashed into another vehicle blocking his path in a bid to escape.

However, his car stopped several meters ahead. The suspects continued to chase him on foot, slashing him again before robbing him and escaping from the scene.

According to Iskandar Puteri district police chief ACP Rahmat Ariffin, the incident occurred at the apartment’s lobby at around 9.45 am on Monday (13 March).

Two men believed to have robbed the man at the apartment lobby were arrested in less than 24 hours after the incident.

The local duo, aged 40 and 45, were nabbed at 10.15 am and 9 pm on the same day. The police are tracking down a third suspect still at large.

“The police also seized RM10,000 in cash and machetes believed to have been used by the duo in the incident,” Rahmat said in a statement issued on 15 March.

“They admitted that they had hit the victim’s car and caused him injuries, ” Rahmat added that the duo are currently on remand from yesterday until 18 March, and one of them has a previous record.

The victim, who has an online business, suffered injuries to his head but was in stable condition and has been discharged from a private hospital.

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