Malaysian actor Kamal Adli assaulted by a baton-wielding individual in Singapore, 33-year-old suspect arrested by police

Malaysian actor Kamal Adli assaulted by a baton-wielding individual in Singapore, 33-year-old suspect arrested by police

SINGAPORE — Kamal Adli, a Malaysian actor was attacked by a baton-wielding individual in Singapore on Sunday (12 March), causing multiple injuries to his head.

Kamal actress wife Uqasha Senrose, who is currently in Singapore, claimed that her husband was assaulted by a man and suffered serious head injuries after they attended an event in the republic between 9 pm and 10 pm last night.

Mr Kamal and his wife made an appearance on the last day of Hari Raya Mega Sale 2023, a three-day fair at Singapore Expo Hall 5A.

Following the incident, Uqasha added that Kamal had to be rushed to the hospital and sedated before undergoing surgery.

Uqasha claimed that the incident happened when they were about to leave the event and were approached by a wheelchair-bound woman who wanted to take a photo with them.

“Kamal and I took a picture with the woman. Suddenly, a man came and asked, ‘Where’s Kamal?’ We thought he was a fan.”

“Kamal then approached the man. Suddenly, the man pulled out a baton from his pocket and repeatedly hit Kamal in the back of the head, ” Ms Uqasha recalled the terrifying assault.

“Kamal’s blood was all over his shirt. When Kamal raised his head, the man hit him in the cheekbone. The man then repeatedly hit Kamal’s body,” she told media BH Online.

The incident involving the couple sparked outrage when Uqasha uploaded a short video on Instagram (IG), showing herself crying.

She asked the public in the post to pray for Kamal who was undergoing surgery at a hospital in Singapore.


Sharing more about Kamal’s condition, Uqasha said she was sad that Kamal had to be sedated before the surgery.

“I can’t go into the operating room right now. I can only make a police report in Singapore,” she said.

Uqasha also claimed that her siblings who were with them during the incident were threatened by the perpetrator.

Singapore police arrested a 33-year-old suspect

Channel News Asia reported that the Singapore Police Force (SPF) received a report of a fight at 9.19 pm on Sunday.

According to preliminary investigations, a 33-year-old man had assaulted a 36-year-old man with a baton at the location.

The police confirmed that the 36-year-old man was conscious when he was taken to the hospital.

The Singapore police added that the suspect has been arrested for voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon and for possession of an offensive weapon.

The baton used in the attack has been seized as evidence, and investigations are currently ongoing.

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