Maggots found in eggs from Yishun minimart, Netizens point to possible cracking issues

Maggots found in eggs from Yishun minimart, Netizens point to possible cracking issues

SINGAPORE — Got a rotten egg issue? A customer was shocked to find maggots in a carton of eggs that she had bought from a minimart located at Block 431 Yishun Avenue 1.

According to Facebook user NiqNiqqi, who purchased a carton of 10 eggs from a minimart on Thursday (23 February), she discovered maggots in the eggs when she was about to store them in the fridge.

She posted a video of the eggs with maggots on the Facebook page Complaint Singapore.

“Bought (these) eggs from Sri minimart shop at blk 431 Yishun. Didn’t realise the maggots on the eggs when I paid for it until I (got) home,” NiqNiqqi wrote.

When replying to a netizen, NiqNiqqi said one of the eggs was rotten and had a yellow fluid seeping from the shell, and the smell was very bad.


One of the group members suspected that mishandling of the tray of eggs may cause the shells to crack and lead to the infestation of worms.

Owner of mini mart apologized

According to The Straits Times, the owner of Sri Mini Mart, Ms Karthika Angu, responded to the customer’s complaint.

After apologizing to the customer, the minimart owner offered a full refund and took “100 per cent of the responsibility” for the incident.

Ms Angu emphasized that she had been running the store for four years and had never knowingly sold spoiled eggs to customers. She also directed her staff to inspect all remaining egg stock and expressed her regret over the matter.

She further stressed that she had operated the minimart for four years and would never sell spoiled eggs to customers.

According to a report by ST, the customer who received the spoiled eggs was afraid of maggots and chose to leave them outside her home instead of handling them.

She expressed doubt about returning to the minimart, although she rarely shops there.

Netizen: some eggs do crack

One netizen named Clement Su shared that he had encountered maggots in eggs before and believes that such incidents should not be blown out of proportion.

He added that giving the seller a chance to rectify the issue before bashing them online would be a more reasonable course of action.

According to netizen Jason Ko, it’s common for eggs to crack during transit or handling. He suggested that customers carefully check the eggs before making a purchase.

While many people agreed with the customer’s frustration over receiving spoiled eggs, some netizens pointed out that leaving them outside could create an unpleasant odour in the shared space of the stairwell.


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