It has been revealed in the 3rd Quarter 2022 Labour Market Report that 93.7 per cent of jobs created in Q3 went to non-residents.

Out of the 75,900 new jobs created in Q3 2022, 71,100 were attributed to non-residents and 4,800 to residents — Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PRs).

While 93.7 per cent of jobs going to foreigners sound alarming enough, we still have not considered how much of the 4,800 jobs actually went to Singaporeans. And also how many Singaporeans of this figure are new citizens.

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) does not always give a breakdown of the employment figures between non-residents and residents as it did in this Q3 report.

MOM reports an increase of 42,000 in 1Q 2022 and 66,500 employment in 2Q 2022 with no breakdown.

It also did not give a breakdown for its Q3, Q4 2021. While it did provide a breakdown for its Q2 2021 report, it did not provide for its Q1 2021 report after a breakdown in Q4 2020.
This makes us wonder if the figures are released only if the figures of the breakdown are positive and hidden when it is not.
Where in the world do you have a regular report with figures appearing as and when the reporting entity chooses to release them?
If the employment figure in its Q3 2022 report is good enough for the non-residents and residents to break down in their figures, then how bad is it in Q1 and Q2 2022, for MOM not to come out and boast about the job growth for locals?

How many jobs went to Singaporeans?

According to the National Population and Talent Division, Singapore’s citizen and PR populations increased by 1.6 per cent (3.50 million to 3.55 million) and 6.3 per cent (0.49 million to 0.52 million) respectively between June 2021 and June 2022.

In 2021, 21,537 people were granted citizenship and 33,435 were granted permanent residence. About 6 per cent of new Singapore citizens were children born overseas to Singaporean parents.

Given that the definition of residents in the MOM’s labour report which lumps Singaporeans and PRs together, this means the increase of 50,000 new citizens and 30,000 PRs are mingled with Singaporean workers in its statistics.

Not being xenophobic here, but it has to be quantified and justified when the Government says job are created for Singaporeans.

It is good thing if locals are being provided with employment even though many are underemployed. However, it is another case if figures are fudged with PRs being converted to new citizens and non-residents converted to PRs.

Facts should be presented as it is, if the growth in employment is attributed to employment by new citizens and foreigners, MOM should be clear about it.

There is no point trying to hide the situation behind figures and paint a pretty picture when the population experience a different reality themselves.

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