MALAYSIA — A Malaysian lady who just turned 21 years old received a surprise gift from her parent in the form of a luxurious Porsche sports car as her birthday present.

The father went the extra mile with his generous gift by having the yellow Porsche packaged in a huge transparent “gift box”, lavishly decorated with balloons and led lights, and sent to their daughter’s workplace via a lorry.

A video shared by Facebook user Alex Chen on 2 November, showed the lorry parked outdoors, pumping a disco remix of the iconic birthday song out aloud, attracting a crowd to take photos of the birthday gift.

The Chinese words on the container wrote: “Dear daughter, Happy birthday to you, You are always the best in the hearts of your father and mother! Love you.”

According to Malaysia’s Chinese newspaper Sinchew Daily (星洲日报), Mrs Wen, the mother said in an interview that the Porsche was a gift for their second daughter.

She said that her husband once promised her daughter that they will give her a sports car when she turns 21 years old, and her father had always remembered that promise.

“This is the father’s promise to her daughter, we will keep the promise since we are capable now.”

Mrs Wen added that although their daughter knew she might receive a sports car as a birthday gift, she did not know the car brand, spec, colour and etc.

The parent delivered the gift one month in advance.“Actually, my daughter’s birthday is in December, however, we have already chosen this quite elegant and suitable sports car for our daughter two months ago, and arranged an extraordinary ceremony to send our gift.”

The Porsche was delivered to their daughter’s workplace around 8 pm on Wednesday (2 Nov), Mrs Wen shared that their daughter was perplexed about what was going on at first, feeling embarrassed and had wanted to hide away in a corner for the attention from passers-by and her colleagues.

Mrs Wen said she can saw the joyful smile on their daughter’s face when she hug her parents at the scene without saying a word.

In an earlier Facebook post by Alex, a car of similar appearance was advertised for sale. The Porsche Cayman 981 model was advertised at a sale price of 200 over thousand ringgit.

Luxurious Delivery Ceremony Trending In China

Meanwhile, Alex, the local car dealer who provided the car, explained to the media that this form of luxurious sports car delivery first went viral in China, but only recently picked up some traction in Malaysia. He claims that some in Kuala Lumpur and Penang had already used his service, but this is the first time in Johor Bahru.

Netizens flocked to Alex’s viral video post to comment. While some praised the parent for fulfilling the promise made to their daughter, admiring the luxurious gift that she received, and wishing her a happy birthday, some took the opportunity to make jokes.

Facebook user Linhan writes: ”Papamama~ I’m your long lost child out there”

Another, Ying Kit asked:” Does her daughter have a boyfriend? Master, I don’t want to work hard anymore. ”

Another Facebook user commented: ”The facts prove that learning how to invest is useless! You got to learn how to be born into the right family! ”

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