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The Circle Line experienced delays due to a signalling fault between Lorong Chuan and Caldecott this Friday morning (21 May) since 5.50 am.

According to the SMRT Facebook page, engineers have been deployed and are working to rectify the issue. For now, “trains are moving at a much slower speed”, said the operator.

As such, extra travel time was expected between the Serangoon and Farrer Road stations on the Circle Line. Commuters were advised to add up to 30 minutes to their journey.

Commuters were also advised to make alternative travel arrangements. Additional, free regular and bridging bus services were made available between the Paya Lebar and Buona Vista MRT stations.


About 50 minutes later around 7.20 am, SMRT announced on Twitter that the train services were progressively returning to normal.

By 7.30 am, all services had resumed and bridging bus services were ceased.

Just two months ago on 29 March, signalling faults caused delays on the North-South Line during the morning rush hour, with commuters advised to add up to 45 minutes to their travel time.

A day before that, train services between Punggol and Serangoon stations on the North-East Line, which is run by SBS Transit, came to a halt for approximately three hours due to a power fault.

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