It has been reported that a woman who refused to wear face mask at Marina Bay Sands is being investigated by the police.

The Police said in a statement on Saturday evening (15 May) that a 53-year-old woman had allegedly not worn a mask despite numerous requests from a safe distancing ambassador (SDA) to do so.

According to reports, the police received a call for assistance at about 5.15pm on Saturday and are investigating her for public nuisance and breaching safe distancing measures.

A video of the incident was supposedly filmed by one of the SDAs who confronted the woman and was shared on social media and social messaging platforms.

In the video, the woman can be seen without a face mask and questioning the identity of the SDAs while refusing to comply with the requests to wear a face mask.

The woman questions the safe distancing ambassador on whether she has a badge and who she represents.

She can be heard saying: “Well, can you put on your badge? If you have no badge, why are you asking me to do something? Who are you representing?”

When the safe distancing ambassador says she represents MBS, the woman replies: “That’s what you say, I can say that I’m a police.”

Following repeated requests, the woman insisted that the SDA has no right to speak with her if she does not have a badge.

While the woman refused to wear a face mask at the request of the SDAs,  it can be observed that she had been holding onto a mask throughout the entire encounter.

Following the wide circulation of the video, two other incidents involving this woman emerged on social media as well.

The earlier incident was at Clark Quay Central last year and another at VivoCity in February this year.

The woman was also filmed arguing with staff over the issue of wearing mask and was denied access to the premises. As for the latter, the woman is filmed shopping inside a supermarket at VivoCity without a mask on.

An image of the woman being confronted by police officers has also been shared online. From the attire of the woman, it would appear that the photo was taken at the day of the VivoCity’s outing.

Those found not wearing a mask or not wearing one properly outside their place of residence may be charged for offences under the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020.

If convicted, they may be jailed for up to six months, or fined up to $10,000, or both.

Those found guilty of public nuisance may be jailed for up to three months, or fined up to $2,000, or both.



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