Malls and other crowded venues to have new SafeEntry Gateway for patrons to check-in starting next month

Malls and other crowded venues to have new SafeEntry Gateway for patrons to check-in starting next month

Starting 19 April, venues with a large number of human traffic such as shopping malls, supermarkets and cinemas must install the new SafeEntry Gateway device to allow patrons to check-in as part of the standard operating procedures in place to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Other public places required to have the new device in place include public libraries, hospitals, places of worship, selected museums and galleries, funeral parlours with wake halls, MICE event venues and more.

The SafeEntry Gateway device permits members of the public to check into public venues by bringing their TraceTogether contact-tracing tokens or mobile phones containing the TraceTogether mobile application within 1 cm to 25 cm of the receiver or a box, just like how one would use an EZ-Link transit card on public transport.

The gateway records check-ins by exchanging Bluetooth signals with the devices.

If the check-in is successful, the box will beep and display a green light. For individuals who are using their mobile phones, the TraceTogether app must be opened first before they can check-in.

The SafeEntry Gateway can also be used to check if patrons’ TraceTogether tokens need to be replaced as they no longer can transmit Bluetooth signals.

Source: Smart National and Digital Government Office

SafeEntry is the national digital check-in system that keeps the particulars of individuals visiting public venues for the purpose of contact tracing.

The Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG) announced on Tuesday (16 Mar) that the device will be deployed to public venues with a large number of visitors from 19 April onwards.

It also added that other check-in methods using QR (quick response) codes or identity cards will still be in these public spaces for those who use them or own older mobile phones that may not be compatible with the SafeEntry Gateway.

As for business operators who wish to use the SafeEntry Gateway, they can apply via the SafeEntry website to get the boxes, SNDGO said.

It added that each box costs S$80 and that every operator is entitled to receive up to four boxes for free.

If they wish to secure more devices, they may file an appeal to the authorities.

TODAY reported that such appeals can take about a week to process.

Operators wishing to use the SafeEntry Gateway function may download the free SafeEntry (Business) app on the Google Play or Apple app stores.

Business operators can check the SafeEntry website to find out if they are among the businesses required to deploy the new device from next month.

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