Dota 2 teams concerned over short 48-hour quarantine period for Singapore Major, says caster

Dota 2 teams concerned over short 48-hour quarantine period for Singapore Major, says caster

While Dota 2 fans are excited for the first Major in 14 months, the teams involved are reportedly dissatisfied with the regulations and provisions in place for the tournament which is due to be held in Singapore form 27 March to 4 April.

Gaming news site AFKGaming reported on last Wednesday(10 March) that caster and gaming content creator Shannon “SUNSfan” Scotten said most teams from the commonwealth of independent states (CIS), Southeast Asia, North America, and South America are hoping that the One Esports Singapore Major is cancelled.

On his podcast, We Say Things 95, SUNSfan said to fellow commentator Troels Lyngholt “syndereN” Nielsen, that the EU teams agreed to the terms of the Major which they were presented. The remaining teams, however, were simply “falling in line”.

One of the issues that the teams have with the tournament is the 48-hour quarantine requirement as for teams as opposed to the usual 14-days quarantine—a measure that most countries have adopted for in-bound traveller since the COVID-19 pandemic.

SUNSfan noted that this shorter quarantine period could potentially increase the risk of virus transmission given how short the time frame is, and the fact that player could already be infected before arriving or become infected on the way to Singapore.

Though, both hosts of the podcast did also say that it was difficult to determine if the issues on regulation and other protocols—such as staggered arrivals for teams and a lack of PCs leaving some teams with insufficient time to practice before the matches—are due to the pandemic or the organisers.

The duo acknowledged that they knew little of Singapore’s pandemic protocols.

TOC has reached out to MOH for clarification on 11 March but there has not been any response till date.

TOC has also earlier reached out to the Ministry of Health (MOH) on the current quarantine protocols for individuals arriving in Singapore who have received the COVID-19 vaccine or have recovered from the virus.

Quality Service Manager of MOH, Yasmin Nisha said that as of 5 February, that foreign domestic workers with a recent travel history to high-risk countries will have to take a serology test on-arrival on top of the PCR test already required.

The additional on-arrival serology test is to allow the MOH to identify workers who have recovered from a previous COVID-19 infection and have antibodies.

“They can therefore be released from SHN,” said Ms Yasmin.

As for those who have proof of vaccination, they are still required to prevailing border measures and Stay Home Notice (SHN) requirements as “MOH is actively monitoring the vaccine situation, including studies on the effectiveness of vaccines in reducing transmission risk.”

It is uncertain, however, if these measures apply to just for foreign domestic workers or other in-bound travellers as well such as those coming to Singapore for a specific event like the ONE Esports Singapore Major.



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