Source: Anadolu Agency

Singaporeans currently in Myanmar are urged to leave the country as soon as possible in the wake of the rapidly escalating clashes between protesters and the Myanmar security forces, as well as the increasing number of civilian casualties, said the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on Thursday (4 Mar).

Singaporeans who choose to remain in Myanmar are strongly advised to remain indoors as far as possible and avoid unnecessary travel, in particular to areas where protests are occurring, said MFA.

The Ministry added that Singaporeans should remain vigilant and monitor local news closely.

They should take necessary precautions for their personal safety, and eRegister immediately here.

“This will enable the Ministry and our Embassy in Yangon to continue to be in touch with them and render the necessary consular assistance in case of emergencies,” said MFA.

Those who are in need of consular assistance while in Myanmar should contact the Singapore Embassy in Yangon or the 24-hour MFA Duty Office at:

Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Yangon

238 Dhamazedi Road, Bahan Township, Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Tel: +95-1-9-559-001

Emergency Tel (after hours): +95-9-250-863-840

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office (24-hours)

Tel: 6379 8800, 6379 8855

Fax: 6476 7302

In its statement today, MFA also advised Singaporeans who intend to travel to Myanmar at this time to defer their plans.

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我国财政部、内政部、人力部和教育部等部门,自去年11月底开始,就四次援引《防止网络假信息和防止网络操纵法案》(POFMA),要求政治人物和一家时政网络媒体更正贴文。 我国政府动用《防假消息法》也引起外国媒体注意,包括《华盛顿邮报》、《经济学人》、彭博社和《南华早报》等,都跟进报导。 不过,日前通讯与新闻部长新闻秘书何慧玲,则致函彭博社和《南华早报》,抨击两家媒体对于我国《防假消息法》的报导不实,也重申我国没利用该法钳制言论自由。 彭博社指我国代表积极驳斥外媒报导 彭博社在去年12月27日,刊载一则《新加坡为捍卫防假消息法采全球攻势》(Singapore Goes on Global Offensive to Defend ‘Fake…