Last Wednesday (24 Feb) in Parliament, Leader of the Opposition, Workers’ Party (WP) Pritam Singh, raised questions in relation to the need for mayors and the role of the Community Development Councils (CDCs) run by them (‘Mayor Denise Phua’s rebuttal of Pritam Singh is hypocritical and disingenuous, given she benefits from high mayoral salary‘).

Speaking in Parliament, Mr Singh highlighted that many Singaporeans were of the view that the salaries of mayors were “outrageous” and do not “commensurate with the mayor’s roles and functions today”.

The bugbear concerning mayors and the CDCs are not new. Indeed, questions have been asked as to whether or not mayors have been paid handsomely just for job duplication with elected members of parliament (MP).

Questions have also been previously raised with regards to the eye-watering salaries that such mayors are paid. This was also an issue that was raised by WP MP Leon Perera in the past.

Yet despite the mounting criticism, the Mayor of Central Singapore District who is also a MP for Jalan Besar GRC, Denise Phua, rejected Mr Singh’s questioning and accused him of politicizing the issue. She further labelled Mr Singh’s suggestions that CCCs or grassroots volunteers could run the voucher scheme as “ignorant of or insensitive to the reality on the ground”.

London mayor earns S$284K to take care of 9 millions

According to the 2012 White Paper on government salaries, mayors are paid an annual salary of S$660,000. This is in addition to their annual MP allowance of $192,500.

Meanwhile, the present London mayor, Sadiq Khan, is found to be only earning an annual salary of £152,734 or S$284,000. In fact, he volunteered to take an immediate 10 percent pay cut to his salary last year, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Wikipedia, as at 2019, London has a population of 8,961,989 or about 9.0 million. That is to say, the London mayor is paid a salary of only S$284,000 to take care of a population of 9 million in London.

The Mayor of London is given specific powers and duties and a general power to promote economic, social and environmental improvements in London. The Mayor has a duty to set out plans and policies for London covering transport, planning and development, housing, economic development and regeneration, culture health inequalities and a range of environmental issues including climate change and air quality.

The Mayor has a number of other duties relating to culture and tourism, including responsibility for Trafalgar and Parliament Squares. The Mayor also sets an annual budget for the Greater London Authority (GLA) and for the GLA Group, which includes Transport for LondonThe Metropolitan Police and the London Fire Brigade.

In the case Denise Phua, she takes care of residents living in the Central Singapore District and according to CDC website, the CDC serves close to 1 million residents living there. Not much is said about the role of a mayor.

That is to say, Denise Phua is paid a salary of S$660,000 at least — not including her MP pay of S$192,500 — or 2.3 times more than the London’s mayor just to take care of close to 1 million residents in the Central District of Singapore.

Hence, purely from an economic point of view, wouldn’t it be cheaper for Singaporean taxpayers to hire the London mayor to replace Denise Phua instead?

Not to mention that Singapore has five mayors such as Ms Phua, perhaps 1 London mayor alone with a salary of S$284,000 is sufficient to oversee a population of 5.7 million in Singapore since he already has the necessary experience to oversee a population of 9 million in London?

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2015年12月1日,一名任职会计师的女子在经过西门路(Simon Road)时,在实龙岗上段的交界处不慎掉进一个无孔盖的下水道。 这一摔导致,导致她擦伤、脚踝骨折,一度住院五天,甚至于脊椎椎间盘突出,她无法跑步、腰部会出现间接性疼痛。若坐下超过1小时都会感到颈部疼痛。右手活动也因神经损伤受限制。 五年后,这名47岁女子陈慧萍(Chan Hui Peng译音),决定起诉公用事业局(PUB),索偿高达500万元!在庭上,她的代表律师指责该局需负起至少七成的责任,要求针对她所承受的痛苦、未来的医药费、失去生育能力、失去工作能力等等索偿。 女子也声称自己患有创伤后应激障碍(PTSD),有出现头痛、焦虑和恐慌的症状,还有重度抑郁症和精神分裂症。甚至于,对洞穴都感到恐惧而做噩梦。 公用事业局的辩护律师指出,当时现场有三名工作人员在检查下水道,女子接近洞口时却没有绕道而行;但女子也驳斥,自己并没有使用手机,却非常注意前方,也指下水道被树叶遮住,她只看到“一大片阴影”。 至于三名工作人员,女子称他们都穿便装,现场也没有树立告示牌。 辩护律师则指女子的陈述“不诚实”,也表示辩方心理专家会鉴定陈女士是否真的患有创伤后障碍。

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