The Workers’ Party (WP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Sengkang GRC took to Facebook on Friday (15 January) to draw attention to noise issues at Anchorvale after a resident highlighted to him during the party’s recent house visits.

He said that noise disturbances are one of the most common complaints raised by residents in the ward, adding that it is also the most difficult problem for an MP to solve.

“Noise disturbances are among the most prevalent complaints we receive in #Anchorvale. Unfortunately, they are the most intractable ones to solve for an MP,” Mr Lim said.

This is because it concerns two different residents, both of whom the party represents.

“For starters, they typically involve two resident families, both of whom we represent. What sounds like the pitter-patter of happy children’s feet for one household may turn out to be intolerably disruptive for another, who is trying to conduct an important work meeting from home.

“The grating sounds of furniture movement for a downstairs neighbor with medically-certified noise sensitivity may also be the regular sounds of living for those upstairs, who have a special-needs child that cannot fully understand how to quietly shift the dining room chairs,” he explained.

In the post, the MP then went on to inform on the methods that the party takes when they receive reports of persistent noise issue.

“When we receive reports of persistent noise issues, we typically begin by flagging the matter to the town council or HDB, who would follow up with a visit to the neighbors involved. Among the limited tool we have are mutually-agreed mediation by the Community Mediation Centre, falling which, escalation to the Community Dispute Resolution Tribunal,” Mr Lim said.

He also pointed out that, according to him, these methods provide solution to a certain extent, but they require a large amount of empathy and willing for both parties to accept that they living in shared spaces.

“In my experience, these offer some possibility of success, but they do require a significant degree of empathy, and a willingness by both sides to recognize the natural challenges of living in shared spaces—where the walls and ceilings of one family’s castle are (literally) the walls and floors of another’s palace.”

He also said that the best way to solve this issue is for everyone to act as good neighbours and be aware that we live in a community.

“Ultimately, it falls on every one of us to do our part as good neighbors, aware that we live together in a large urban #kampong, and that we all share an interest in making each others’ living environment a little bit better,” Mr Lim concluded.

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为遏制新型冠状病毒传染,我国除了禁止曾于两周内在湖北待过的旅客入境或过境,一些机构和部门暂缓中国的非必要行程。航空公司也配合措施,接受免费取消或更改机票手续。 我国政府跨部门工作小组于昨日召开记者会,表示从今日中午开始,禁止在两周内曾经到过湖北,以及持有湖北护照的信访客入境或过境我国。我国也将停止发放签证给湖北护照持有者,之前已经签发的观光证和多次入境签证都暂取消,免签转机服务也暂时停止。 二部门延迟职员行程 我国国防部和内政部也展开行动,联合发出文告,推迟非必要到中国出差的武装部队和内政团队人员的行程,而近期内曾到过中国,准备入伍的新兵,则需要申请14天的隔离假期。 为了配合以上种种措施,新加坡航空公司发出文告,接受凡是在28日或之前购买,于本月24日至下个月29日飞往中国机票的旅客们进行取消或更改机票,该公司将不会征收有关费用。 公司也表示,若乘客希望更改航班日期或目的地,或是要求退款,都可以和该公司的客服联络。惟,所有更换航班、地点或日期的机票,都将限于今年5月31日或之前出发。 而新加坡航空公司旗下的酷航Scoot则在脸书上帖文指出,将为停飞所有往返我国和武汉的航班,至到三月月杪。 当局表示,受停飞影响的乘客,可以到该公司网站https://www.flyscoot.com查询详情,也可以索取全额退款。 廉价航空捷星亚洲也将从本月31日开始,暂停中国安徽省合肥市、贵州省贵阳市和江苏省徐州市的往返航班。 当局指出,虽然该公司的航线并没有连接道武汉等实施封城的城市,但是基于中国当局禁止出国旅游团,且需求量下跌,该公司因此决定暂停有关航班。至于几时会回复有关航班,当局表示将在3月月杪进行探讨。 该公司也决定于3月29日起,停止飞往香港的航线,因为有关的航班需求下跌。 公司将把腾出来的客机用于应付需求量日渐增加的航班,包括飞往缅甸仰光、菲律宾的马尼拉和克拉克,以及飞往日本大阪的航线。


自7月15日起,计程车和私召车可安装具备录音功能的朝车内录摄像机。 陆交局周二(2日)表示,录音功能将“对车内发生的不宜或暴力行为,以及因票价发生的争议之侦查工作有所帮助”。 然而,在不足两个月前,陆交局曾允许使用摄像机,但需具备不录音功能的摄像机保证乘客对话不会被录音。 陆交局也引用民情联系组(REACH)近日的调查,结果显示每10位中就有9位认为朝车内录摄像机可保障司机和乘客的权益。另外,10位调查者中就有9位认为摄像机需安装上录影录音双功能。 所有巴士却不受新规则的规定,尽管巴士仍需遵从个人资料保护委员会(Personal Data Protection Commission)的指引。Go Ahead集团、新捷运、新加坡地铁、武林巴士车厂旗下的公共巴士与其他公司的私人巴士(通常使用与载送自家员工),可获免除。 陆交局表示,“因为巴士如同公共空间,而且是多名乘客与之共享的地方”。 基于新订规则,凡提供计公共搭乘服务的计程车、私召车司机或业者,均需获得当局批准方能安装朝车内拍摄的摄像机。 当局表示,目前有三家可安装陆交局认证的摄像机:i…

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