The Ministry of Health (MOH) will revoke Concord International Hospital’s (CIH) license should it fails to rectify the “significant lapses” by 20 January, the Ministry told ST on Monday (4 January).

CIH, located in Adam Road, was one of the private hospitals that were enlisted by MOH to help care clinically well and stable COVID-19 patients from March to September last year.

The hospital was formerly known as Fortis Surgical Hospital in July 2012, owned by Fortis Healthcare International.

In April 2015, Concord Medical acquired the hospital for S$55 million and renamed it to Concord International Hospital (CIH).  The hospital offers cancer-related treatment, women’s health services and surgery.

It is worth noting that Senior Minister of State for Health Koh Poh Koon has previously led cancer research in the hospital, as stated in the Agency for Science, Technology and Research’s (ASTAR) press release dated on 8 July 2016.

Screenshot of ASTAR’s press release

Last year on 19 December, the hospital was ordered to suspend all services and operations after the MOH inspections – conducted from 14 to 16 December – revealed that it failed to comply with the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act (PHMCA) which would have an impact on patient safety.

“Multiple life-saving/patient use equipment and medications were either not maintained or not available in the critical areas of the hospital such as the intensive care unit and the operating theatre,” said MOH.

“There was also a lack of quality control in the laboratory and infection control processes, which poses significant risks to patient safety and well-being,” it added.

According to the Ministry, healthcare facilities that fail to comply with regulatory requirements may be fined up to S$20,000 or have their license revoke, or both.

It was also reported that as of 19 December, CIH had ongoing outpatient medical appointments with four patients and no patients were warded at the hospital.

“MOH has informed Concord International Hospital to work with their medical team to review the treatment plans and ensure the proper continuity of outpatient care for these four patients, until the hospital has addressed all regulatory lapses and MOH has assessed that the hospital is ready for operations again,” said the Ministry.

CIH stated on its Facebook page on 23 December that it will be relaunching the hospital at the end of January this year “featuring new specialties and unique treatments with bespoke service and a brand new name”.

“We have also decided to take the opportunity to renovate the hospital and introduce new services to better meet patients’ needs moving forward,” it said.

LangBuisson reported on Tuesday (5 January) that Concord Medical Services Holdings has decided to sell 90 per cent stake in Concord Healthcare Singapore – which owns and operates the CIH – for S$52.2 million.

Information on the buyers, however, was not disclosed.


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