As of Saturday (2 January), 12 pm, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed 33 new cases of COVID-19 infection, which is the highest number of COVID-19 cases reported since 15 September when the authority confirmed 34 cases in a day.

This brings the total number of infection cases to 58,662.

Amongst the new cases today, 31 are asymptomatic and were detected from screening and surveillance, while 2 were symptomatic.

All cases are imported, who had already been placed on Stay-Home Notice or isolated upon arrival in Singapore.

Amongst them, 6 are Singapore Permanent Residents, and 9 are foreign domestic workers.

Amongst the 33 imported cases, 6 (Cases 58898, 58899, 58900, 58901, 58902 and 58903) are Singapore Permanent Residents who returned from India and Indonesia.

5 (Cases 58889, 58894, 58909, 58910 and 58911) are Dependant’s Pass holders who arrived from India and the US.

2 (Cases 58878 and 58879) are Long-Term Visit Pass holders who arrived from Egypt and India.

1 (Case 58883) is a Student’s Pass holder who arrived from India.

6 (Cases 58877, 58881, 58884, 58890, 58891 and 58893) are Work Pass holders who arrived from India and Myanmar.

12 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh and the Philippines, of whom 9 (Cases 58882, 58885, 58886, 58887, 58888, 58904, 58905, 58906 and 58907) are foreign domestic workers.

1 (Case 58892) is a Short-Term Visit Pass holder who arrived from Indonesia to visit her Singaporean parent.

Update on condition of confirmed cases

17 more cases of COVID-19 infection have been discharged from hospitals or community isolation facilities. In all, 58,476 have fully recovered from the infection and have been discharged from hospitals or community care facilities.

There are currently 61 confirmed cases who are still in hospital. Of these, most are stable or improving, and 1 is in critical condition in the intensive care unit. 96 are isolated and cared for at community facilities. These are those who have mild symptoms, or are clinically well but still test positive for COVID-19.

29 have passed away from complications due to COVID-19 infection.


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