Indian media reported that Singapore High Commissioner to India, Simon Wong flew from Delhi to Chennai for a series of meetings with Tamil Nadu officials including the state’s chief minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami on Wed (Oct 21).

Speaking to the media, Wong said that despite the restrictions during COVID-19, Singapore investments are still going to India. “In the last one year, between August of last year (2019) to August of this year (2020), we have about close to US$2 billion worth of investments (going to India),” he said.

Wong also told the media that the state government of Tamil Nadu is “very serious” about working with foreign investors, and Singapore is “happy” to be a part of it. He said, “I think the Chief Minister is looking at a forward-looking plan to transform the economy of [the regions] surrounding Chennai and, of course, Tamil Nadu. Singapore wants to be part of this process.”

Of the close to US$2 billion going to India in the past 1 year, Singapore companies invested close to US$500 million in Tamil Nadu alone, Wong revealed. He added that between 2018 and now, Singapore companies had in fact, invested about $1 billion in Tamil Nadu.

Wong opined that Tamil Nadu, in general, is a go-to destination for Singapore’s investments. “That is also the main reason why, despite COVID, we are making a trip from Delhi to Chennai. This is my first stop. And I feel that we need to, despite the health risks, we want to signal to the Tamil Nadu government that we take our partners very, very seriously. And we will also want to signal to our Singaporean investments that this is the preferred State to put their money in,” he added.

Travel Bubble with India

The Indian government has also recently made a proposal to the Singapore government to establish a travel bubble with Singapore.

Travel bubbles are essentially an exclusive partnership between countries to re-establish travel connections between them by opening up borders and allowing people to travel freely within the zone without having the need to undergo on-arrival quarantine. Also, those looking into entering the travel bubble from the outside must present an official document stating they have not been infected with coronavirus and have not come into contact with anyone who has.

Wong told the media that in fact, the relevant agencies in Singapore will be reaching out to the Indian authorities for discussions regarding the travel bubble proposal from the Indian government. “India is an important partner for Singapore and the strong air connectivity between our countries prior to the pandemic had been critical to driving the flow of trade and investment, and people-to-people exchanges,” Wong added.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore, it has been noted that travellers from India form the majority in terms of the number of imported COVID-19 cases to Singapore.

Wong also took the opportunity to thank the Indian government for its support in helping repatriate around 400 Singapore citizens on two flights during the pandemic. He said around 50-60 Singaporeans are still in India as they feel safe here and want to continue their work in India. The number of Singaporeans working in India, is of course, minuscule in comparison with the number of Indian nationals working in Singapore.


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我国房东和租户纠纷本就不是新鲜事,但是房东开口要求租户搬迁已经五个月了还不成功,甚至被租户气到心脏病爆发,房东儿子报警求助就真的是新鲜事了。 事件的主人公为75岁的梁女士,以及两名来自香港的女租户。而据梁女士的儿子,叶先生(50岁)指出,原本租户只有一名时,并没有发生过这么激烈的摩擦事件,一直到第二名女子入住后,才开始从小摩擦变成大摩擦,导致梁女士心脏病爆发。 叶先生指出,梁女士自三年前丈夫逝世后,就独居在四房式组屋单位内。她之后认识了来自香港的女教友,了解到对方正在寻找落脚处,因此将一间睡房以500元月租的价格租给她。 香港女学生搬入后产生摩擦 两人相处不错,女租户就在第二年介绍了一名香港的女学生过来。 据叶先生指出,其母亲在女学生搬过来后首个月就开始“有意见”,指女学生无视母亲禁止煮食的规定,继续煮食还将厨房弄得很肮脏,还很浪费电,可以将冷气开足整日。 梁女士当时曾要求女学生搬走,岂知女教友当时却和女学生联手,无视条规,被梁女士指责还会顶撞,甚至将住家弄得乱糟糟。 忍无可忍之下,梁女士在去年12月开始要求两人搬迁,但是两人继续无视,还出言伤人,导致梁女士被气得精神压抑。 叶先生指母亲是在今年4月尾向他哭诉,要求他帮忙“赶人”。然而叶先生于5月8日晚上尝试和她们交涉时,就遭到对方拒绝见面。他等了一小时后,就先行离开,随后传简讯要求两人在24小时内搬走。 两名女租户在当天晚上就去敲其母亲的房间,将后者吵醒后质问为什么要让叶先生介入他们的纠纷,甚至一度不让后者休息。其母亲费了很大力气将两女推开,才得以关上房门休息。 要求出钱修冷气 事情过了一段时日,两名女租户却在周二(5月19日)给叶先生发简讯,指冷气坏了,要求他找人修理。…