The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) had recently opened a job vacancy in its Corporate Planning and Management Department for a procurement manager position.

The contract basis position, however, may require some “military” skills.

One netizen posted a screenshot of the job advertisement on Complaint Singapore Facebook Group, saying that MOM is looking for “James Bond” to fill up the position it advertised.

“MOM is hiring for a Procurement Manager, see what are the skill sets required? Are they looking for James Bond to fill up this position? Why would MOM needs these type of skills, while I can understand certain positions in DXO (Defense Executive Officer) of MINDEF perhaps can justify for such requirements?” the netizen wrote.

Basically, the role of a procurement manager involves negotiating contracts, and evaluate suppliers, products and services.

Hence, it seems odd that MOM included military skills in the job advertisement.

Meanwhile, netizens commented that MOM is only “putting it for show” as the position is likely for “internal candidate”.

While some noted that the skillsets listed are only for job-matching and not job requirements.

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