The immigration counters at Narita Airport were empty because a lot of visitors cancel to visit Japan because of COVID-19 disease outbreak in Japan Tokyo, Japan 7 February 2020

As both Singapore and Japan continue to work on the travel exchanges amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) updated on the essential travels earlier today (25 September).

The MFA announced the launch of a Residence Track between Singapore and Japan, in addition to the Business Track (also known as the Reciprocal Green Lane) that was launched on 18 September.

According to the press statement, the Residence Track will provide for the movement of business executives and business professionals who are work pass holders, with the necessary public health safeguards in place.

It was revealed that the people who are interested to apply for the Residence Track will be able to do so on 30 September onwards.

Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that this framework is intended for “long-term residents by dispatch or rotation within business personnel”. The travellers who enter Japan would be required to stay home for 14 days or designated locations.

“This framework allows cross border travellers to enter, exceptionally, Japan or the other country/region, but requires them to stay at home for 14 days or designated locations. This framework is intended mainly for long-term residents by dispatch or rotation within business personnel.”

More details about the Residence Track will be made available before 30 September.

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