Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) seeks to be heard at Parti Liyani’s application hearing after the former domestic worker initiated court disciplinary proceedings against two prosecutors of her case.

Ms Parti, who worked for ex-Changi Airport Group Chairman Liew Mun Leong for eight years, was acquitted of theft charges brought against her by the AGC, four years after she was first arrested by the Singapore Police at Changi Airport.

Justice Chan Seng Onn, who overturned her sentence, ruled that the district court had failed to consider several points including the credibility of the testimony of Mr Liew’s son, Karl Liew.

In his judgement, Justice Chan wrote in conclusion:

“I first observe that in the present case, which involved a voluminous number of items, the proper handling of the evidence by the police and recording of the allegedly stolen items is crucial in order to preserve the chain of custody of the items. Coupled with the existence of an improper motive by members of the Liew family for mounting the allegations against Parti, I find that the convictions against Parti are unsafe and accordingly acquit her of all the charges.”

Ms Parti has reportedly taken to court on Wednesday (23 Sept) to seek disciplinary proceedings against the prosecutors who dealt with her case.

The two deputy public prosecutors listed in her case are Tan Wee Hao and Tan Yanying, both of whom are represented by AGC’s Kristy Tan Ruyan, Jeyendran Jeyapal, and Jocelyn Teo Meng Hui.

It was reported that Ms Parti’s originating summons was taken out on ex-parte basis, meaning the decision is decided by a judge without requiring all of the parties involved to be present.

Following that, the AGC on Thursday (24 Sept) is seeking to be represented at the application hearing, and has also applied to submit court notes related to the case and relevant extracts of evidence given by Ms Parti and other witnesses.

The AGC also applied to place extracts from the record of proceedings in the State Courts trial, including relevant extracts of the court notes from part of the appeal hearing on 1 November last year by Ms Parti before Justice Chan.

The Straits Times reported that the AGC has also applied to place other documents that include the prosecution’s closing submissions in the trial, and a copy of Ms Parti’s appeal petition.

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