Netizens unhappy at the idea of TraceTogether token as it resembles “dog tag”

Netizens unhappy at the idea of TraceTogether token as it resembles “dog tag”

As the Government announced that the TraceTogether Token will be distributed from today onwards (14 September), it was said that the employees at public places will have to scan the QR code on the token.

According to CNA, pilots for the token will begin in October at larger-scale business-to-business events, before it expands to include venues like F&B outlets, cinemas, gyms and certain workplaces.

“At these places, a visitor either has to scan the venue’s QR code using the TraceTogether app on their mobile phone, or have the venue employee scan the QR code on the token.”

The Ministry of Health announced that the tokens will be first distributed at Jalan Besar and Tanjong Pagar because these places have more elderly residents and they may be experiencing difficulties using the TraceTogether mobile app.

Upon the release of this news, many Singaporeans were unhappy about the token, expressing that it was a “waste of money”. Shawn questioned if the Government had this much money to spend on the TraceTogether token when the nation’s economy is currently being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Several netizens felt that the token resembled dog tag, Esther criticised that having dog tags would signify “the end of democracy”.

Other than that, some were confused at the point of the TraceTogether token because it would still be required to scan, questioning the difference between the token and mobile apps like Safe Entry and SingPass.

Bella wondered the point of the Government issuing a new ERP system to “track cars”, and then a TraceTogether token to “track citizens”. She felt that these two systems work “hand-in-hand” to ensure that none of the citizens would be “out of the Government’s sight”.

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