LTA: SimplyGo pilot programme to expand the use of adult EZ-Link cards

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Tuesday (1 Sep) launched a pilot to expand the use of SimplyGo to include adult EZ-Link CePAS cards, beyond Mastercard, Visa, and NETS Tap contactless cards.

Currently, over 300,000 daily public transport trips are paid for using SimplyGo.

According to the LTA, more than 2,000 registered EZ-Link mobile app users have been invited to participate in the pilot.

Other commuters who are interested to take part can indicate their interest here. Those who are shortlisted will be provided with an upgraded EZ-Link Card, at no extra charge during the trial.

“The pilot trial is a crucial first step for us as we look to integrate our EZ-Link Card with the SimplyGo platform through the Upgraded EZ-Link Card and app, so that commuters  enjoy a seamless travel experience and improved services,” said Nicholas Lee, CEO of EZ-Link Pte Ltd.

“As part of Singapore’s push towards its Smart Nation ambitions, we are readily embarking on a digital transformation roadmap to keep up with changing commuter demands while ensuring that no one gets left behind in the process,” he added.

The pilot is designed to gain insights into potential user experience improvements, before all adult EZ-Link cards can be upgraded for cardholders to enjoy the full range of benefits of transacting digitally.

Commuters will be able to purchase the upgraded EZ-Link cards next year.

With this transition, Upgraded EZ-Link Cards can tap on SimplyGo’s platform, which allows for more ease and convenience when travelling.

This move demonstrates EZ-Link’s alignment with Singapore’s smart nation goals, and commitment to digital innovation with a customer-centric focus. EZ-Link is hoping to provide consumers with a seamless experience during their transit, while integrating it with their daily lifestyle needs.

Some of the new functions of the Upgraded EZ-Link Card, paired with the EZ-Link app, are as follows:

  • Skip the queues and top up on the go
    The upgraded EZ-Link Card on SimplyGo allows users to top it up via the EZ-Link app on their Android or iOS devices. No more long queues and wallet-fumbling.
  • Top up on behalf of others
    Top up EZ-Link Cards for family members anytime, anywhere. Users can do so by adding their cards to their registered EZ-Link account.
  • Track your travel spending
    Keep track of travel expenditure and history easily through a registered EZ-Link account. Users can review both individual trip fares as well as total expenditure.
  • Earn reward points
    Earn reward points for every transaction made with the Upgraded EZ-Link Card.
  • Lost your card
    Cards can be blocked immediately via the app to prevent unauthorised usage.
  • Receive instant updates
    Get notified via push notifications for every transaction made and if there is a low balance.
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