In conjunction with Singapore’s 55th birthday yesterday (9 Aug), various alternative parties shared their greetings on Facebook, celebrating the National Day with fellow Singaporeans.

The Workers’ Party

The Workers’ Party (WP) shared its Secretary-General Pritam Singh’s message yesterday morning, expressing the beauty in the simplicity of this year’s National Day Parade (NDP).

Although the celebration of NDP 2020 was “much more muted”, Mr Singh felt that the scaled-down nature of this year’s celebration was meaningful in its own way.

The party chief also invited Singaporeans to unite amid the “economic gloom and hardship” to strengthen the bonds among Singaporeans.

“In the midst of economic gloom and hardship, let us come together to forge a new unity, to strengthen our bonds as a family, to become a better people and to build a better Singapore.”

Other than that, Yee Jenn Jong shared that the WP collected apples yesterday morning to be given to their food distribution points at Eunos and Marine Terrace.

Progress Singapore Party

Progress Singapore Party (PSP) uploaded a video compiling the party members’ greetings from various constituencies, wishing Singapore a “Happy Birthday” at different places while urging Singaporeans to stay safe and observe social distancing at all times.

Meanwhile, PSP’s Secretary-General Dr Tan Cheng Bock took to his Facebook to thank the essential workers and the frontline medical staff who are still combating COVID-19.

Noting that Singaporeans are losing jobs and that there is still a risk for the COVID-19 pandemic to re-emerge, Dr Tan believes that Singapore is resilient as a nation, and he’s confident that the nation can “get back on its feet”.

He also noted how Singapore is “maturing” in the way the people solve problems, especially with an “open mind” and “real willingness” to accept change.

“Some Singaporeans have shown that in order to create a better Singapore for future generations, they are willing to stand up, challenge the status quo and push boundaries.”

Singapore Democratic Party

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) pledged to stand with all Singaporeans, as well as to strive for a “truly democratic society” that is based on justice and equality.

The party’s Secretary-General Dr Chee Soon Juan sent his National Day greeting on Saturday (8 Aug), wishing Singaporeans a lovely weekend and to enjoy the celebrations with their loved ones.

On Sunday, Mr Chee revealed in a Facebook live video that he celebrated National Day with the residents at Bukit Batok.

SDP’s James Gomez, on the other hand, shared his team’s walkabout at Holland-Bukit Timah on Saturday evening. His team walked around to distribute the national flags and light sticks to the residents.

Singapore People’s Party

Other than wishing Singapore a Happy Birthday, the chairman of Singapore People’s Party (SPP) Jose Raymond showed support to a local BBQ chicken wing stall on National Day.

He celebrated National Day with a local delicacy while not forgetting to invite other Singaporeans to support them as well.

Peoples Voice

Peoples Voice (PV) chief Lim Tean, on the other hand, invited Singaporeans to reaffirm Singapore’s pledge to build a nation based on justice and equality.

Besides that, he urged the people to remind the Government to look after and protect the “most important asset” — citizenship, and that the Government should “look after its own citizens before others”.

Other alternative parties like Singapore Democratic Alliance, Red Dot United, and Reform Party also took part in the National Day greeting on their respective Facebook pages.

Singapore Democratic Alliance

Red Dot United

Reform Party

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