PSP’s Brad Bowyer reflects on reality of COVID-19 vaccine, highlights the need for leadership that puts nation’s well-being before its own

PSP’s Brad Bowyer reflects on reality of COVID-19 vaccine, highlights the need for leadership that puts nation’s well-being before its own

Citing an excerpt from a Bloomberg article that says “countries cannot fully re-open their economies safely before a vaccine is available”, Progress Singapore Party (PSP) member Brad Bowyer reflected on the reality behind that statement before proceeding to highlight the need for proper leadership in Singapore when it comes to matters of public health.

In a Facebook post earlier today (5 Aug), Mr Bowyer, who contested in Nee Soon GRC in GE2020, questioned if there is any truth to the statement in the Bloomberg article, or if it is just one big “agenda-driven hoax” and what’s prevailing is becoming a “crime against humanity”.

“Think for a moment how what we were told about Covid at the start of all of this and what we have witnessed these 8 months has been so vastly different and even the information we have been given has constantly flip flopped and adjusted often to maintain the narrative in the face of contrary evidence coloured heavily by the politics of each individual country where it is present,” he wrote.

Noting that people are not dying in the streets, Mr Bowyer asserted that COVID-19 is not deadlier than SARS nor is it the new Spanish flu. Hence, he opined that it is unreasonable for a country to not open its economy unless there is a “vested interest to do otherwise”.

“Vested interests like a cover for a collapsing financials system, a failing globalisation program, political leverage to retain or gain power in various countries and of course to make billions through an unnecessary vaccination program which, when paired with ideas like tracking, chipping and medical passports, represent another layer of elite wealth and control of the general population,” he explained.

Mr Bowyer stressed the need for everyone to get off the “hype bandwagon” and start looking at “hard science”, adding that hard science does not support the “fearmongering narrative” that is being fed to everyone.

“And what have been the consequences of accepting the narrative blindly so far?” he questioned.

“How many people died because they did not get the treatment they needed for other conditions while under lockdowns or resources were on ‘standby’ for a Covid rush that never came?

“How many incidents of domestic violence, abuse and suicide have there been and how much other domestic and social stress has been created for what amounts to a quarantine of the entire population?

“What is the extent of the economic damage and job losses around the world and how many businesses and even industries have been damaged and or destroyed by it?”

Mr Bowyer went on to narrow his train of thoughts by speaking about what has been happening in Singapore. Specifically, he wondered if the nation would have encountered such a bad dengue outbreak that is likely to kill more people of all ages than the few elderly who met their end at the hands of COVID-19.

He then accentuated the need for proper leadership – one that “looks at facts and makes decisions based solely on public health outcomes” while taking into account the “negative impacts of poorly thought-out or self-serving policies and decisions”.

“We need a leadership that looks at the fact that there is a small vulnerable section of the population, primarily those who are already aged beyond the average lifespan and in poor health being in their 80s with underlying, often immune system related, conditions and thus a strategy for their safety not a blanket population wide strategy is needed,” said Mr Bowyer.

The PSP member added that Singapore also needs a leadership that puts the nation’s well-being before its own, which is the unspoken duty that it is bounded by.

“Otherwise many elites around the world investing in and making vaccines will laugh all the way to the bank while we suffer whatever unknown side effects of such rushed and unnecessary programs while giving up even more freedoms and submitting to even more overbearing control will be the result,” he argued.

Mr Bowyer also noted that the outcome of that would not solve COVID-19 as it is now likely a new strain of virus that everyone should be accustomed to just like any other flu strain, adding that an effective flu vaccine is non-existent.

What’s more, he stated that placing heavy reliance on a cure would not prepare the country should there be a “real pandemic” in the future. He went on to express that Singaporeans “no longer trust” those who have lied and manipulated the people for their own purposes.

Mr Bowyer concluded his post saying, “And as we are seeing such poor leadership at the moment it is imperative that we as citizens start to educate ourselves and demand better of those entrusted to lead and inform our nation in government and media and not be passive sheep led in to who knows what future if we do not wake up and start asking serious questions of their decisions and the information they are acting upon.”

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