“We do have family and work commitment just like any other person,” Khung Wai Yeen responds to netizen who called some SDP members “lazy”

“We do have family and work commitment just like any other person,” Khung Wai Yeen responds to netizen who called some SDP members “lazy”

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) member Khung Wai Yeen has responded to a netizen’s comment that alleged SDP candidates are “lazy” to do groundworks, saying that the Party’s members also have “family and work commitment” to fulfil like any other person.

Mr Khung took to Facebook on Tuesday (28 July) claiming that one netizen has commented on his post about the election on 13 July and created a post calling some of the SDP members “lazy” for not attending the Party’s walkabout at Marsiling-Yew Tee (MYT) on 25 July.

The SDP member also uploaded a couple of screenshots of the netizen’s comments.

In one of the screenshots, the netizen made a post calling the SDP candidates “lazy” and “always have a lot of excuses for not doing groundworks”, adding that the Party only attracts “lazy people”.

The post was referring to the post made by SDP’s Bryan Lim who noted that the SDP’s Damanhuri bin Abas and Mr Khung will not be attending the Party’s walkabout in MYT due to family emergencies, while fellow member Ben Pwee had sprained his ankle.

Replying to the netizen’s post, Mr Khung revealed that his family member has just passed away, while Mr Damanhuri’s family member was in critical condition and hospitalised, which explained why they were unable to attend the SDP’s walkabout at MYT.

“As much as we want to do our part for fellow Singaporeans, we do have family and work commitment just like any other person. It is supremely unhelpful and toxic with comments like yours,” he noted.

As for the second comment, the netizen questioned Mr Khung’s effort in doing groundworks for the residence of MYT and asked how many doors he has knocked.

In response, Mr Khung said that he has made about 60 visits – for both walkabouts and house visits – over the last three years, and have covered about 90 blocks of flats. He claimed that he had probably knocked approximately 9,000 doors and reached a conservative of 12,000 to 15,000 residents so far.

“Is there a quota that you think qualifies someone to be electable, let me know. The vote in your hands is not a reward system to be given to the person who have done something for you that you like,” he stated, as he thanked the netizen for the comment.

Mr Khung explained his decision to stand in the election with the SDP was because of the Party’s proposed policies which he believes “will help a large segment of society” in Singapore and support the poor and old Singaporeans to “live a life of dignity”.

“I hope that people share that view with us and vote for us to realise our policies. Unfortunately we were not elected this time round, but we will try again,” he remarked.

“We are not political super beings but ordinary humans,” says SDP’s Bryan Lim

Meanwhile, SDP’s Bryan Lim also took to Facebook on Wednesday (29 July) to speak out for his fellow SDP members who were being called “lazy” by the netizen.

Mr Lim noted that both Mr Khung and Mr Damanhuri are in need of private space and time to mourn the losses of their family members, adding that they are “ought to be respected”.

“Sometimes, we need to be that extra sensitive before we make a passing comment,” he said.

Mr Lim had also visited Mr Pwee after the walkabout at MYT and noticed that he was “hobbling badly” with an umbrella that he used as a makeshift walking stick.

He went on to share about his father who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease a few months ago, and his mother who has lost much of her eyesight since early of this year due to a “viral attack” and that her dementia is not recovering.

“However, against all odds, the 4 of us have sacrificed precious time with our loved ones for the greater cause of SDP,” Mr Lim added.

Aside from the activities that were posted on the Party’s Facebook pages, he said that people do not get to see the “behind-the-scenes work” that the Party members involved.

“We don’t do all these for the thunder & glory. In fact, there is not much glory to speak about when you are in the Opposition here in Singapore. Not only do we get misunderstood, misinterpreted & ridiculed, we risk being POFMA-ed & sued if we take a misstep,” Mr Lim asserted.

He further remarked, “We are not political super beings but ordinary humans who have decided to step forward to fight for true democracy, justice & equality.  And it is precisely this sense of humanity that has made who we are today.”



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