Netizens question People’s Association for inviting PAP’s Shamsul Kamar instead of WP’s MPs-elect for Kaki Bukit community event

A National Day event posted by Kaki Bukit community organisation on its Facebook page last Thursday (23 July) received public backlash after the netizens noticed that the invited host is Shamsul Kamar from People’s Action Party (PAP) instead of the Workers’ Party (WP) MP-elect for the area.

The Kaki Bukit community organisation announced on its Facebook page that it will be organising a National Day Observance Ceremony on 8 August via Facebook live, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“While this year, we are unable to have our usual event due to the COVID-19 nevertheless we will be bringing this event live to you on Facebook. Join us, as we sing the National Anthem and Recite the Pledge together as One Kaki Bukit, One Singapore!” the Facebook post read.

The Kaki Bukit community also shared the event poster on its post, detailing highlights and information about the event.

It is worth noting that Mr Shamsul, who appeared in the event poster as the host advisor for this Kaki Bukit’s National Day event., is part of the PAP team which contested in Aljunied GRC.

Mr Shamsul, who is also the Grassroots Adviser (GRA) for the ward of Kaki Bukit in Aljunied GRC, lost the constituency to WP in the general election on 10 July.

The WP’s winning team comprising Pritam Singh, Sylvia Lim, Faisal Manap, Gerald Giam and Leon Perera succeeded in securing its stronghold constituency Aljunied GRC with 59.93 per cent of the votes while PAP’s team only garnered 40.07 per cent of the votes.

Upon reading the post, the netizens penned their thoughts under the comment section of the post, questioning why Kaki Bukit community organisation’s invitation of Mr Shamsul instead of the WP MPs-elect as the host advisor of this event.

One netizen mocked the People’s Association (PA), saying their event for National Day also showed that “we must also appreciate losers” while another said that it is “manifestly unfair” to promote the PAP candidate who had lost in the election.

Some netizens also pointed out that it is embarrassing for PA, which should be “non-partisan”, to mix with political party, asking the PA to “stop politicing the PAP candidate”.

Meanwhile, the netizens also lambasted the PA, asking them to use the PAP funds instead of the taxpayer monies for this event, if the organisation is intent on politicising the event.

A few netizens also called out the PA to respect the people’s elected MPs. One netizen requested explanation from the executive director of PA for this matter and another asked for a correction of the event poster.

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