PAP Grassroots volunteer and lawyer accused of sexual misconduct plans to defend himself; RP’s Charles Yeo challenges a defamation lawsuit to be served

PAP Grassroots volunteer and lawyer accused of sexual misconduct plans to defend himself; RP’s Charles Yeo challenges a defamation lawsuit to be served

A community volunteer with the People’s Action Party (PAP) and lawyer has stated that he will take the necessary steps to vindicate himself after denying the “wide-ranging allegations” of workplace sexual misconduct. 

Imran Rahim, 32, has been faced with allegations of sexual abuse on legal interns at his law firm, Tan Kok Quan Partnership (TKQP), as well as young debaters he came across during his debating days. 

Charles Yeo, a member for the Reform Party (RP), published allegations against Mr Rahim in a series of Instagram stories and a video on Tuesday (21 Jul). 

Mr Yeo contested in the Ang Mo Kio Group Representation Constituency at the recent General Election. 

Mr Rahim has since responded to the accusations on Thursday night (23 Jul) denying them and saying he does not know Mr Yeo. 

Sexual misconduct allegations 

On Tuesday, Mr Yeo revealed on Instagram a message he received from a member of a public who alleged that Mr Rahim sexually abused young debaters using alcohol, and hitting on legal interns inappropriately.

Another said in a direct message to Mr Yeo that the debaters were preyed on and traumatised to the point of resignation.


By Thursday (24 Jul), Mr Yeo said that 10 members of the public had come forward with claims against Mr Rahim.


Law firm launched investigations

When these came to light, it gained enough traction that led TKQP to initiate investigations into this matter on Wednesday (22 Jul). 

“The firm takes all allegations impacting an employee’s moral, social and professional standing as an individual, as a member of the firm and in the larger scheme of things, as a member of the legal profession very seriously,” said a spokesperson from the firm. 

TKQP is currently looking into the matter and making its own inquiries into these allegations. 

“The firm implements a zero-tolerance policy towards any matter concerning sexual impropriety,” the spokesperson added. 

“While the firm already has in place a reporting policy/procedure for grievances such as sexual harassment and other improprieties, it has reminded all employees that they should not hesitate to reach out to management if they have concerns over this matter.” 

Mr Rahim, who is currently on a voluntary leave of absence, is a senior associate at the law firm dealing with commercial litigation and dispute resolution.

Charles Yeo stands by his posts and challenges a defamation suit or POFMA to be served to him

Mr Yeo said he is ready “to fight this war with Imran Rahim if he tries to silence him or issue any takedown notice”, like a defamation suit. 

He added that “his whole point is he thinks he has the right to condemn Imran Rahim for his actions” and Mr Yeo views “such actions as very typical of pappie (father) predators”. 

The RP member disagreed with the opinion of some that sexual misconduct is a cultural norm in the law industry, and even rampant in TKQP itself. 

His ultimate view is “Imran Rahim should be cancelled as a human being and fired from his job,” Mr Yeo said. “He would also be a danger to women generally and is a predator.” 


In a Facebook post on Thursday afternoon, he said he challenges Mr Rahim once again to file Protection from Harassment Act complaints against him or serve him the Writ of Defamation.

“It doesn’t matter whether Imran Rahim is a NUS law graduate, an accomplished debater, a lawyer, or connected with the PAP; all allegations against him must be investigated.”

Mr Yeo ended the post calling Mr Rahim “a filthy race traitor whose actions show to be a typical predatory pappie”.

Background of Imran Rahim 

Mr Rahim is most prominent for being part of the legal team that defended Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in the lawsuit against Roy Ngerng in 2014.

He is also active in the PAP circle serving as a grassroots community volunteer since 2016. 

He has worked alongside ministers such as Education Minister Ong Ye Kung and Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli. 

In a speech in 2018, Mr Ong said he had gotten to know Mr Imran through his work in Sembawang GRC, lauding him as an accomplished debater.

Mr Rahim was the champion and best speaker at the United Asian Debating Championships in 2011, and was also a quarterfinalist at the World Universities Debating Championship held in the same year. 

As for Mr Masagos, he cited Mr Rahim in his speech during the Budget debate last year, saying that the lawyer had begun volunteering in Woodlands in 2016. 

Mr Masagos said he used his legal experience to work with other young lawyers, holding legal talks and pro bono legal clinics for residents and helped out with community events, and described Mr Rahim as an “everyday hero”.

Mr Rahim was also involved in a high-profile marriage to social media influencer Andrea Chong where they tied the knot in March.  

TOC has reached out to Charles Yeo, Imran Rahim and TKQP for comments on Friday (24 Jul). 

Update on Tuesday (28 Jul): The parties did not respond to enquiries. 

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