Lee Hsien Yang has asked Singaporeans in a Facebook post on Sunday (5 July) whether they want Parliament to be a “stepping stone” for those who already hold senior positions in government-related entities to move to a higher office, thus perpetuating the People Action Party’s “natural aristocracy”.

Mr Lee, a member of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) opined that while opposition candidates need character and courage, those standing on a PAP ticket do not.

Mr Lee, who is also the son of Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew said that the preparedness of the alternative parties’ candidates to speak out fearlessly for the needs of  fellow Singaporeans is “contrast to the monochrome of PAP candidates” for whom “entering the political arena appears like a career step”.

“Standing for the opposition needs character and courage in a way that standing on a PAP ticket does not.  It demonstrates a willingness to sacrifice for our country.  Alternative candidates have often been victims of unfair treatment, character assassination, and dissuasion from frightened family and friends. These candidates step forward to seek justice and equality for all.  They have chosen to speak out because they are concerned for the future of our country.

“Contrast this to the monochrome of PAP candidates.  For many, entering the political arena appears like a career step.  They are supported by a huge machinery, have the benefits of makeovers and the prospect of a parachute into Parliament on the coat-tails of a Minister.”

He said, “Do we really want Parliament to be a mere stepping stone from a senior position in the SAF or civil service or some government-related body to higher office? Have paper qualifications and years of ‘grooming’ created better or stronger leaders? Has the PAP system enhanced the performance of our 4G leaders?  Do we want to perpetuate the PAP’s ‘natural aristocracy’?

“PAP MPs can generally expect smooth careers, some into Cabinet and other very highly paid political positions, others with directorships and various other positions.  Given party expectations and obligations, and the party whip, they rarely speak up in Parliament to question issues of importance and they predictably vote as the party directs. For them, entering politics looks like a calculated career move rather than a sacrifice or service,” Mr Lee asserted.

As compared with PAP MPs, Mr Lee said that Dr Tan Cheng Bock has always been his own man and is a rare MP who exercised independence of mind.

He went on to talk about how the alternative parties spoke up for Singaporeans and help to create transparency and accountability.

“Opposition MPs will question unpopular policies.  They will fight any attempt by the PAP to raise GST.  They can question outrageous ministerial salaries and conflicts of interest at Temasek and elsewhere.  They will continue to question oppressive laws that silence rights to free speech and public assembly.  Speaking their minds and tenacious questioning is how they will protect us from abuse of power and help create transparency and accountability. “Ownself check ownself” does not work.

The Workers Party MPs ferreted out how $22 billion of stimulus spending for the Covid-19 pandemic is actually loan capital.  They challenged the Constitution amendments on how we elect our President. The list of issues they have spoken up on is extensive: the government’s population white paper, corruption in GLCs, HDB leases, MRT breakdowns, our CPF, spending on foreign students, the Administration of Justice Act, the Prevention of Harassment Act and POFMA.”

Mr Lee concluded his post by stressing the need for accountability.

“For accountability, we need our elected representatives in Parliament to be willing to speak up and uncover the truth behind the PAP’s claims. We need them to be our voices and our vote in Parliament. Have your voices actually heard in Parliament. Vote for the opposition,” he said.

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一名男子因在未经允许下,在空军基地附近使用无人机,而被罚款2000元。 37岁的被告陈俊延(译音,Ed Chen Junyuan)今日(4日)被控涉嫌在巴耶利峇的空军基地五公里范围内驾驶小型无人机。 据悉,陈俊延今年6月,在网上购买了一架0.36公斤的DBPower无人机。6月26日晚上,他与朋友戴秒生(译音)前往榜鹅附近地区,他家对面,一同驾驶无人机,其中一架无人机被巴耶利峇空军的航空Aeroscope 系统发现,一名休班的空军军官也随后接到警报,表示两人正在驾驶无人机,便开车前往该地,随后两人被捕。 检察官认为在该地驾驶无人机对航空安全有严重的后果,并描述陈俊延是如何操作无人机,强调新闻此前已不断提醒无人机操作者必须要在使用前进行检查,应罚款3000元以上。 但辩方则辩称,此事并未对任何人造成实际的伤害,而且该无人机仅飞行5至6分钟,并没有显示其速度,因此应减轻罚款500至1000元以内即可。 若在未经许可之下,进入空军基地5公里以内,一旦罪成,将可罚款至高两万元。再犯者将会被罚款两倍以上,即四万元,并可能被监禁15个月以上。 另名被告戴秒生,亦被指控数项罪行包括操作0.43公斤的无人机逾越64米高的限制高度,据悉,其驾驶高达431米左右。目前案件仍在处理中。