The Progress Singapore Party (PSP) was forced to take down 50 of its West Coast GRC campaign posters by the Town Council.

In a Facebook post on Thursday night (2 July), the party wrote, “Hours of hard work went down the drain. It was puzzling because the PAP posters were left untouched.”

“We appreciate the support and concern of passers-by who said they would post photos and videos of the incident online.”

The party said it is hoping to clarify the matter and provide an update.

In an update at 11.17 pm, the party wrote that it is still checking the situation and urged the public to “please keep the conversation civil”, and reassured them that they will provide an update when they have the “full facts”.

Another update at 8.14 am on 3 July noted that the party is in touch with the Elections Department and “will provide a time line of events shortly”.

The Facebook post included a short video showing one of the posters being taken down.

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