Generous redemption and rebooking terms have been offered by Singapore Airlines (SIA) for customers who choose vouchers over refunds.
SIA is now prioritising beyond just the value of its airline tickets. Amid the storm of requests by customers to return tickets to airline companies due to cancellation induced by the global COVID-19 pandemic, SIA is beckoning to its customers: “we want you back”.
Bearing that in mind, SIA is offering more flexibility by improving its global travel waiver policy which will in turn gain the appreciation of their passengers as they once more resume their bookings to travel.
Customers can keep the full value of the unused portion of their tickets as flight credits if they bought a ticket on SilkAir or Singapore Airlines on or before 15 March with travel plans in May 2020.
New flights could be booked through 30 June using the flight credits. Customers now have the flexibility to plan, book and travel from now until then. SIA also improved the full value of their flight credits by waiving no-show and rebooking fees.
Customers whose flights have been cancelled due to the pandemic naturally wants cash refunds and SIA is going its best to complete these requests in a timely manner.
Even so, SIA will gladly grant bonus flight credits to all customers who decide to keep their tickets as flight credits.
This measure is a way that SIA is expressing gratitude for the support given by its customers in this difficult period. With new booking, customers will receive the following bonus flight credits* in accordance with the original cabin class of travel.
Economy Class: SGD75 ($53)
Premium Economy Class: SGD100 ($70)
Business Class: SGD200 ($141)
Suites / First Class: SGD500 ($353)
Customers will retain the value of the unused portion of their ticket as flight credits if they chose to retain their tickets despite the pandemic. Added to this, they will automatically be eligible for the bonus flight credits.
Similarly, customers will keep the full value of the unused portion of their tickets as flight credits if their flights were cancelled by SIA or SilkAir. Upon rebooking their travel, they will be granted bonus flight credits.
Customers will be offered the option to refund if they meet the conditions above, even if they decide not to retain the value of their tickets as flight credits. No show fees and cancellation fees will be waived.
Also, flight tickets will have both miles and taxes refunded for customers who used miles to redeem their flight tickets. As for customers who bought tickets using a combination of cash and miles, they will not be eligible for flight credits but they will still get a refund.
According to Joey Seow, who the is the Regional Vice President- Americas for Singapore Airlines: “Besides offering cash refunds, Singapore Airlines will provide the opportunity for customers to retain their ticket value together with the added value of a bonus credit, which they can use for future travel on us.”
“We know customers have varying needs and we believe offering different user-friendly options will help address those requirements,” he added.
Customers should use the online assistance request form to cancel their booking and keep its value as flight credits, if they booked directly with the airline.
Furthermore, customers will receive a confirmation email if they meet the criteria for the airline’s global travel waiver policy. As for other customers, they should give the airline two weeks to review the request. Those who made bookings through travel agencies should contact their agents to sort out the matter – either request a refund or retain the value of their tickets in the form of flight credits.
Customers should also be aware that all no-show fees will be waived if a request is submitted before the original travel date.
*The bonus flight credits for customers whose eligible ticket contains a combination of cabin classes will be in accordance with the higher cabin class. Customers will not be eligible for any bonus flight credits if they hold partially flown tickets which only has the remaining value of their tickets retained as flight credits.

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