Weddings have been banned according to the implementation of the Movement Restriction Order in Malaysia which started today (18 March) as they are considered as mass gatherings. As such, many couples decided to postpone their weddings as a precaution to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Luckily for this couple, they managed to hold their wedding on Monday (16 March) right before the Order was announced. A series of photos were shared on the couple’s wedding planner, Dinas Bridal’s Facebook page, showing a fascinating and ground-breaking way of organising a wedding.

In the photos, the couple was seated on a well-decorated bridal dais and it was an open-air event at a roadside.

What was least expected was that there were no guests at their wedding, only a line of cars queued on the streets. The couple was seen to be greeting their guests (in their respective vehicles), with smiles on their faces and hands on their chests.

A sign was written saying “Drive-thru”, while the guests pulled up in front of the couple, and dropped their wedding gifts into a donation box without making any direct contact with the couple. In return, the couple delivered a bag of food to their guest, making it a drive-thru wedding reception.

In order to avoid direct contact between the married couple and guests, no handshakes were exchanged. Instead, hand signs were exchanged as a form of greeting.

“Reduce contact in open places because we (Dinas Bridal) care,” wrote Dinas Bridal.

This Facebook post garnered 4.4k reactions as well as 11k shares since 16 March, and netizens were absolutely amused upon seeing such an innovative wedding reception. Many thought it was brilliant, and this idea could be used as a reference in the future to save cost.

Mis Ina: “I think this is a great idea. It’s a complete package with the married couple, guests and a donation box. Once greeted, the guests can receive packed food to bring home right away.”

Izz Izham: “This is perfect because it saves budget.”

Razieq Sukor: “I was just thinking about holding a wedding reception that saves money without the budget for food catering. Can’t believe someone else already had this idea.”

Fazrie Rosli: “This wedding reception is the most memorable one.”

One netizen expressed how thoughtful this idea is amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aspalela Mohd Zain: “This is a great suggestion. I strongly agree with this idea to slow down the spread of Covid-19.”

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