People’s Voice Party chief Lim Tean took to his Facebook on Tuesday (11 February) to share a video that was apparently taken in Guangzhou, China.

The video illustrates detailed safety measures that are being implemented by local authorities to try and contain the deadly coronavirus.

In the one-minute long video, a man can be seen going through multiples safety steps before he was allowed to enter a premise.

The man who appeared at the area wearing a mask got his temperature taken first by an individual wearing a complete set of protective gear.

He then moved to the second station where he was asked to remove his old mask and throw it in the bin placed in front of him. In the next station, another person wearing protective gear gave him hand sanitiser so he could clean his hands.

Following that, another health personnel provided him with a new mask for him to wear immediately before he walked to another station to jot down his name on a paper.

Lastly, he walked to another station where he was given a coloured tag and hand santiser once again.

Upon viewing the video, one can see the meticulous steps being imposed on people in Guangzhou in order to contain the spreading of the deadly virus, which so far has claimed the lives of more than 1,100 people, mostly in China.

On the local front, the Ministry of Health confirmed two more cases of the deadly coronavirus on Tuesday, bringing the total number of infected cases in Singapore to 47.

Out of the 47, 25 cases are due to local human-to-human transmission.

In the caption of the post, Mr Lim Tean wrote, “Serious measures put in place in Guangzhou to contain nCOV. This video is instructive on how certain provinces in China are taking the fight against nCOV very seriously!”

A letter signed by four senior medical practitioners in Singapore, is being circulated to advise people to wear face masks when they leave home so control the spread of the Wuhan novel coronavirus

They pointed out that “as this virus is said to be milder, infected people with no symptoms could transmit the virus to others silently. A certain percentage will developing deadly disease.” and warned that temperature screening works less well to identify those infected.

“As they mingle freely and unmasked, more and more people could be infected daily without even knowing it.”, said the practitioners.

Government asks people not to wear masks unless unwell

Although the video shows that masks are being handed out and changed regularly, but the Singapore government had noted that people should only wear mask if they are feeling under the weather and need to see a doctor.

Those who are well do not need to don a mask to try to avoid catching a virus. They would be better protected by washing their hands with soap and water regularly, the government said.

On 30 January, Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong revealed at a news conference that Singaporeans should refrain from hoarding masks and only wear them if they are unwell and need to see a doctor.

He said this after more than five million masks released to retailers “snapped up in hours” each time a batch of these were put up for sale over the past nine days.

Recently, the government also distributed free masks to all 1.37 million households in Singapore.

Trade and Industry Development Minister Chan Chun Sing told the public, “This is not a set of masks for us to take, open immediately, use it to go to the hawker centre. These masks are to be kept in the household for members of our families who might get ill and need to access medical help.”

The government has also been putting up front page advertisements in local media telling people not to wear mask if one is well.

Netizens urge Singapore government to implement such stringent safety measures

Under the comment section of Mr Lim Tean’s post, many netizens pointed out that the Singapore government should follow the safety steps taken by the authorities in Guangzhou. They added that this should be done at schools, hospitals, shopping malls and even polyclinics.

Facebook user Kok Leong Kok said that “Singapore should follow” this. He explained that he once went to an establishment and the thermometer used by the security guard was faulty, resulting to a wrong reading.

Others highlighted that generously distributing masks just like in the video is “wasting mask according to our Singapore leader standard”. Luke Foong Chi Yow added that Singapore government is “reckless” for not “implementing closure of schools and public events, and asking people not to wear masks when healthy”.

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中国国家主席习近平,昨日致电祝贺我国总理李显龙,带领人民行动党在选举获胜。 今年也是新中建交30周年,两国领袖在通话中重申两国稳固关系,并对冠病19疫情期间相互协助和支持表达谢意。 针对疫情期间,如何加强跨境、供应链连接,以及金融、投资贸易合作,促进经济复苏等,李显龙和习近平也交换意见,并欢迎透过双边和国际合作,应对疫情带来的公共卫生和社会经济影响。 李显龙也与习近平,讨论中新(重庆)战略性互联互通示范项目下的国际陆海贸易新通道,以及一带一路等主要双边项目的持续进展。 与此同时,李显龙也针对中国洪涝灾害表示慰问。

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