MOH reveals two new confirmed Wuhan coronavirus infection cases; 30 cases in Singapore so far

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed on Thursday evening that there are two additional cases of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infection in Singapore. This brings the total infected cases to 30 so far.

Of these, one case is a close contact of a previously confirmed case. The other case has no recent travel history to mainland China and does not appear to be linked with previous cases.

This case was confirmed late last night and contact tracing is still in progress, with focus on identifying any links it may have with past cases or travellers from China.

MOH states that Singapore must be prepared for the possibility of new infection clusters involving locals within the community, not linked with recent travel to China or contact with recent PRC travellers as this has already happened in several places outside of mainland China.

It shared that precautionary measures have been earlier stepped up significantly to reduce the risk of community spread of the virus.

Last Friday, it was announced that all new visitors with recent travel history to mainland China will not be allowed to enter Singapore. These visitors will also not be allowed to transit in Singapore.

Those with Chinese passports, with the exception of Singapore permanent residents (PRs) and long-term pass holders, will also not be allowed to enter Singapore.

Since Sunday (2 Feb), all travellers arriving from mainland China who had been there in the past 14 days, as well as anyone with a China passport, were barred from entry or transit in Singapore.

New confirmed cases

Case 29 is a 41 year-old Singapore Citizen who has no recent travel history to mainland China. He was admitted to Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (MEN) on 3 February. Subsequent test results confirmed 2019-nCov infection on 5 February at about 11pm. He has been transferred to NCID for further treatment and is currently warded in an isolation room.

He reported that he had developed a fever on 28 January, and visited a general practitioner (GP) clinic the next day. He sought treatment at another GP clinic on 30 January before being admitted to MEN on 3 February.

Epidemiological investigations and contact tracing are ongoing to identify individuals who had close contact with the case, and to establish any link he may have had with confirmed cases in Singapore or travellers from mainland China.

MOH shares that it is interviewing the patient and his close contacts, and investigating the locations he had recently been to.

Case 30 is a 27 year-old male Singapore Citizen who has no recent travel history to mainland China. He is one of the four Singapore residents who are being investigated at NCID after attending a private business meeting at Grand Hyatt Singapore from 20 to 22 January. The meeting included participants from China, including Hubei, and the confirmed cases from Malaysia and South Korea. Subsequent test results confirmed 2019-nCoV infection on 6 February at about 2pm. He is currently warded in an isolation room at NCID.

Update on condition of confirmed cases

All new cases today are stable. Amongst the earlier 28 confirmed cases, one has been discharged. Of the remaining 27, most are stable or improving. The condition of two patients has worsened. One is now in critical condition in the intensive care unit, and another requires additional oxygen support.

Update on suspect cases

As of 6 February 2020, 12pm, 310 of the suspect cases have tested negative for 2019-nCoV, and 30 have tested positive (Case 30 was confirmed at about 2pm, 6 February). Test results for the remaining 147 cases are pending.

Update on contact tracing for confirmed cases

Contact tracing for the confirmed cases is ongoing. Once identified, MOH will closely monitor all close contacts. As a precautionary measure, they will also be quarantined for 14 days from their last exposure to the patient. In addition, all other identified contacts with a lower risk of having been infected will be under active surveillance, and will be contacted daily to monitor their health status.

As of 6 February 2020, 12pm, MOH has identified 435 close contacts. Of the 353 who are still in Singapore, 348 have been contacted and are being quarantined or isolated. Efforts are ongoing to contact the remaining five close contact.

The number of people infected in China — where the virus originated from —has jumped to 28,140 and millions more were ordered to stay indoors.

The confirmed death toll in mainland China is announced to be 565, with 1408 recovered.

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