On Tuesday (28 Jan), the Ministry of National Development (MND) announced that Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) camps at Pulau Ubin would be used as a quarantine facility for those affected by the Wuhan virus.

A MND spokesman said, the Government would ensure that people served with a quarantine order would be housed at “appropriate locations”, and Pulau Ubin would be one such designated location.

In accordance with the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health (MOH), the quarantine camps would undergo a complete cleaning process to ensure safety.

The MOH spokesperson explained that the possibility of transmitting the viral coronavirus is eliminated by having individuals stay at the respective government quarantine facilities. This measure is essential as the coronavirus is easily transmittable via contact.

According to China’s National Health Commission, as of Monday there has been 4,515 confirmed Wuhan virus cases, with 976 of them considered severe. Health officials have warned that the virus was spreading at a rapid pace with the current death toll standing at 106 people.

In Singapore, there has been seven confirmed cases of those affected by the Wuhan virus.

The MND spokesperson added that these quarantine facilities represent the government’s response to manage emergencies which would be activated at any given time.

Earlier this week, three hostels at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and Singapore Management University (SMU) were allocated to be used as quarantine facilities.

The conversion of the varsity hostels to be used as quarantine facilities was announced by Education Minister Ong Ye Kung at a press conference. The Minister apologised to the affected students explaining that these measures were part of the nation’s response to emergency situations.

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马国希盟政府在届满一周年的执政后,于5月9日由首相敦马在布城会展中心发表《新马来西亚一周年》“共享繁荣”的新经济模式,缩短人民之间的财富差距,确保所有种族、阶层与城乡都能在未来2030年享有“更合适的生活水平。 马哈迪表示该新经济模式将会取代以往的“2020年宏愿”,因为以马国目前现状,已经无法成功达成“2020年宏愿”。 2020年宏愿是首相马哈迪于1991年第六个大马计划的会议上提出的政治方针,以“在2020年成为先进国“作为国家的奋斗目标。 马哈迪认为“过去十年,国家的经济已经截然不同,以目前的经济体系已无法完成当初设下的宏愿,成为先进国。他也指出,马国的经济模式在过去十年间因各项大型计划而负债累累。 另一方面,马国有逾70巴仙的工作职缺是低技术性的工作,大部分的产业拥有者也转向寻找价格更低的外籍劳工,而未来主要的经济发展需仰赖大部分城市的发展,并边缘化业主的权益与发展,以及提供本地人更多就业机会。 马哈迪表示政府所采用的“共荣计划”是旨在全民能够共享繁荣,也说明希望能够缩小各个阶层、种族、领域等之间悬殊的贫富差距,也同时能够增进人民的购买力。 “简单地说,共荣计划希望能于2030年达到稳定发展,促使马来西亚成为有包容性与公平的社会,在多元种族、阶层甚至是地域性的差距下,仍能保持稳定和谐的发展。”马哈迪说。 拟三大目标,7大策略 马哈迪以三大主要目标来概括“共荣计划”。 解决贫富差距 创造稳定增长的经济体系,让全体人民能够参与其中 带领马来西亚成为亚洲的经济轴心…