NS pre-enlistees who have visited China recently must take 14 days of compulsory leave of absence

In a joint statement released by the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Tuesday (28 January), the authorities revealed that individuals who are due for National Service (NS) enlistment but have recently visited China have to take up to 14 days of mandatory leave of absence.

In the statement, it added that those who have a recent travel history to China will also have their in-camp training (ICT) deferred, and their Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) and Health Screening Programme appointment rescheduled to another date.

These measures are taken to safeguard NSmen and protect the further spreading of the deadly Wuhan coronavirus.

As for those who are currently in service and have been to China in recent times, precaution measures in accordance to the Manpower Ministry’s guidelines will be applied. Some of the procedures that will be applied to them include monitoring their health status closely for two weeks upon their return to Singapore as well as seeking medical attention immediately if they feel sick.

NSmen who are affected can look for more information on the NS Portal on how they can make their travel declarations and submit their proof of travel. If that’s not all, they can also follow the instructions that’s written in the SMS sent out to them before their enlistment, ICT, IPPT or HSP.

According to the joint statement, individuals from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and Home Team will also have to postpone all their non-essential travel to mainland China for the time being.

“All SAF and Home Team personnel will be strongly advised to adhere to MOH’s advisory on travel to mainland China,” it said.

Following the rapid increase of global death toll from the virus and more people being infected, the Government announced an array of new measures on Monday to combat the Wuhan virus in Singapore.

One of the measures include advising Singaporeans to not travel to mainland China if it’s not essential.

Additionally, from Wednesday, temperature screening at airports will include all incoming flights, with added checking on all flights from China as well as travellers who hold Hubei passports.

Anyone who have travelled to China in the last 14 days will be required to submit health and travel declarations to their respective organisations, and have their health monitored with temperature checks twice a day for 14 days upon their return to Singapore.

For those who have been in close contact with vulnerable populations will also have to take the mandatory 14 days of leave absence when they come back to Singapore, especially those working in pre-schools, healthcare and the eldercare sectors.

Singapore will also not be issuing any new visas to those who hold China passports issued in Hubei, and suspend previously issued multiple-visit and short-term visas for these travellers.

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