Secretary-General of Progress Singapore Party (PSP) Dr Tan Cheng Bock thinks that the current Wuhan virus issue will likely affect the upcoming general election, noting that it is not wise to hold the elections so soon because campaign rallies and events will bring masses of people together and risk spreading the virus.

Speaking at a press conference after the launch of his party’s headquarters opening on Monday (27 January), Dr Tan added that it takes time to truly understand the virus and be able to contain it.

Using the example of the SARS virus outbreak back in 002 to 2003, Dr Tan said, “Because even the old SARS time also it took quite a while before we can really truly understand the spread of the illness and the containment of the spread of the disease.”

Dr Tan also voiced his disagreement with how hospitals in Singapore designed nowadays, pointing out that they are often connected to other buildings like shopping malls where the spread of a disease or virus would be difficult to contain.

He said that would prefer hospitals that are standalone, making them easier to perform containment should it be necessary.

However, he also noted that this is not time to “play the blame game” but instead come together to better deal with the issue at hand.

Dr Tan said, “Now our focus is containing, let’s work together as a team. Let us work together, let’s play our part, and everybody understand what this disease is about.”

“It’s easier to blame people but I think let us work as a team now and quickly contain this illness,” he added.

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