Technology takes over elderly woman’s soft drink business in school

Technology takes over elderly woman’s soft drink business in school

Madam Lim, who has been selling soft drinks at a school cafeteria for over 69 years had to wind up because a vending machine has taken over her business.

Madam Lim’s granddaughter, Ms Pearl Chang, shared in a Facebook post that her grandmother was forced to vacate her much loved mom-and-pop business at Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS).

Madam Lim had worked at the school premises since the 1950’s and enjoyed selling drinks to students, teachers and visitors. In fact, she wakes up early daily to prepare for her work.

However, in mid-December last year, Madam Lim was told by the school administration that she had to switch to hot drinks to continue operations as a vending machine would replace her role. Given her age and unable to start anew in hot drinks business, Madam Lim backed down.

Ms Chang’s post went viral, gathering some 253 shares and a whopping 7,000 likes on her Instagram.

Upon hearing Madam Lim’s piteous story, students made an online petition entitled “Get Our Drink Stall Back” to bring the dear old ‘aunty’ back. Though the petition has now closed, it is still viewable with many heart-warming comments from students who still remember her fondly to this day.

Meanwhile, in response to MS News’s query on Madam Lim’s abrupt departure, the school Principal, Ms Eugenia Lim, explained that the school never had any intentions of dismissing her.

Principal Lim said as a soft drinks vendor, Madam Lim, has been loyal to the school despite the school undergoing a number of relocations and renovations that disrupted her earnings.

SCGS is in transition of switching from soft drinks to healthier options, urging students to consume water, fruit juice, fruits, and healthy snacks.

Explaining further, Principal Lim said, in October last year, Madam Lim contracted and co-owned a stall with a fruit stall vendor. And therefore, to say that Madam Lim was asked to leave was not true.

Nevertheless, Ms Lim reiterated that the school respects Madam Lim’s decision to leave and wishes her well.

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